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Episode 114: Don’t Read Books

November 7th, 2014 | Robin

Gallop into the Gaming Hut as we discuss a term from documentary filmmaking, chasing story, and how it might relate to roleplaying games.

Take a seat in the Cinema Hut as Ken discusses his top picks from the 2014 Chicago International Film Festival.

Begin at the beginning as How to Write Good looks at constructing compelling opening scenes.

Then puzzle through a chronological controversy in the Eliptony Hut, with our examination of the centuries of darkness thesis.

Attention, class! Anchor sponsor Atlas Games wants to enroll you in Mad Scientist University, the card game of evil genius, insane assignments, and unstable elements. Act now, Ken and Robin listeners, and they’ll throw in the Spring Break expansion set for free. Shipping within the US is also free.



Episode 108: Too Many Cyber-Monkeys

September 26th, 2014 | Robin

Before getting to the main meat of the episode, a Preamble Hut seems necessary to update a few stories of interest to KARTAS listeners. So gather round as Ken dispatches fresh claims of a DNA solution to the Jack the Ripper mystery, and Robin covers the latest bizarre twist in the Rob Ford saga. Or is that now the Doug Ford saga?

Then nestle in with your popcorn as Robin reports back from the Toronto International Film Festival for the 2014 edition of an obligatory Cinema Hut.

Ken’s Time Machine departs from formula to contemplate an omnibus question from Fridrik Bjarnason.  Which characters in history are so serendipitous or unlikely that they must have been undercover time-travelers?

Finally, Among My Many Hats sees Robin chatting about Feng Shui 2, which is Kickstarting even as we speak.

Episode 97: Hamsterface

July 11th, 2014 | Robin

All hail the audio majesty of editor Rob Borges, who rescued this and last week’s episodes from the scourge of electronic interference, leaving only a touch of distortion in Robin’s sibilants.

A mystery questioner Asks Ken and Robin how they handle red herrings.

Ken flips on the projector in the Cinema Hut to get us started on the new Indian crime film.

The Cartography Hut looks at the aesthetic and propagandistic impact of legendary map artist Richard Edes Harrison.

We close with the Consulting Occultist, who tells us of the London stone and the magical significance of its current ignominious location.

From the magical land of sponsors comes Atlas Games, who with a twinkle of fairy dust revive their 2nd Edition Once Upon a Time clearance sale.


Episode 88: Script Justification Technology

May 9th, 2014 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut, Robin asks Ken to specify a suitable period of occult ferment and together they riff it into a DramaSystem Series Pitch.

We unseal the stone door of the Mythology Hut to give Lilith the once-over.

The Cinema Hut joins forces with the Horror Hut as we mull the current cycle of haunting movies.

Finally, we respond to a Justin Mohareb request for Ken’s Time Machine. The suspicious revocation of Richard Nixon’s FBI application sure smells like time stream interference. Did Ken do this, or was it the work of a rogue time effectuator he must now reverse?

It’s yo ho ho and a pocketful of doubloons as Atlas Games surveys the seven seas from the crow’s nest that is our coveted anchor sponsor slot. Parrot on its shoulder, it orders up another special deal for Ken and Robin listeners, this time in the form of their innovative game of piratical nautical warfare, Pieces of Eight.



The Bundle of Holding rejoins us as sponsor with a deal relevant to your specific Ken and Robin needs. Aeons in the making and finally rising, it’s the Trail of Cthulhu Bundle, in eldritch partnership with Pelgrane Press! Get it before it sinks beneath the waves again, on May 12th.


Episode 79: Take That, Entertainment

March 7th, 2014 | Robin

Grab your retrospective popcorn and hunker down in the Cinema Hut as Ken and Robin review their movie top tens for 2013.

Responding to popular demand, the Consulting Occultist assesses competing new claims of having cracked the cryptobotanical mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript.

In Ask Ken and Robin we hit the dimmer switch to address Richard Fryer’s question on lighting effects at the gaming table.

Then a ghostly romance unfolds as Ken’s Bookshelf unexpectedly reunites with the revenant spirit of an old favorite tome purveyor, returning from the west with lighter wallet and heavier luggage. What happened in the parking lot might surprise you!

Once again Fenix Magazine occupies the coveted anchor sponsor slot. After ten years delighting the Swedish gaming scene, they’re now bringing the Best of Fenix to English-language GMs and players with their now-active Indiegogo campaign.

Don your chivalric armor to also thank sponsor Atlas Games, now unveiling Knightly Tales, the exciting new expansion for their classic Once Upon a Time card game.

Staging a no-knock raid to flash its badge and confiscate your mi-go fetuses, it’s Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies, now on Kickstarter. Robin has a story in the main book, and Ken in the bonus selection, so it’s only fitting that we should welcome Arc Dream Publishing to our sponsor stable.


Episode 75: The Don Cheadle of Creepy Tunnels

February 7th, 2014 | Robin

A curious case study, in which a regrettable glacier incident leads listener Joe Tyne to a Call of Cthulhu stumbling block, warrants treatment from the experts in Ask Ken and Robin.

At the request of listener Benjamin Blattberg, we essay a hidden gems segment of the Cinema Hut.

In Among My Many Hats, Ken quizzes Robin on his latest creation, The Gaean Reach: The Roleplaying Game of Interstellar Vengeance. Death to Quandos Vorn!

Finally, with a nod of the chrono-helmet to Kevin Kulp’s TimeWatch RPG Kickstarter, Ken’s Time Machine unscrambles the Ossian hoax to, somewhat reluctantly, restore the literary reputation of 18th century poet and Scottish revivalist James McPherson.

Once again Fenix Magazine occupies the coveted anchor sponsor slot. After ten years delighting the Swedish gaming scene, they’re now bringing the Best of Fenix to English-language GMs and players with their now-active Indiegogo campaign.


Our next sponsor, Sand and Steam Productions, is now well into its Kickstarter for their Fate-powered mythic Norse RPG, War of Metal and Bone.


Also aboard the sponsor train is Atlas Games, who in a dappled fairyland warehouse discovered the need to liquidate still perfectly fabulous copies of Once Upon Time 2nd Edition, as the 3rd Edition glimmers on the horizon. Take advantage of this special deal for Ken and Robin listeners!


Episode 64: The Gypsy was Doing Us a Solid

November 8th, 2013 | Robin

Ken has returned from the Chicago Film Festival to regale the Cinema Hut with demonic pacts, ghost possession, a Kurdish western, and an unusually sympathetic take on the new Dario Argento flick.

As prompted by George Pletz, Ask Ken and Robin considers the picaresque and floats various techniques for strictly episodic RPGing.

In the Genre Hut we mull the highly problematic footprint Fu Manchu has planted in pop culture.

Finally, we rev up Ken’s Time Machine, sending our chrono-hero to whichever sack of Rome he chooses to prevent.

Our anchor sponsor this episode is Engine Publishing and their system-neutral GM resource, Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management. Get $5 off in the Engine Publishing store using code KARTAS20, good through November 2013!

Episode 58: You or Shub-Niggurath Walk Out of The Room

September 27th, 2013 | Robin

If it’s late September, it must be time for Robin to exit bleary-eyed from the Lightbox theater and stumble into the Cinema Hut to regale us with his findings from the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Listen to Ken wish he had more crossover with the upcoming Chicago Film Festival, or follow along at home.

Then Ken and Robin Recycle Audio, capping off their suite of excerpts from the Gen Con GUMSHOE panel.

Finally, popular demand decrees that we venture into the Eliptony Hut to tackle the recent appearance of a monument to Azathoth in Ken’s old stomping ground, Oklahoma City.

Joining us as sponsor this episode is Engine Publishing and their system-neutral GM resource, Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management. Get $5 off in the Engine Publishing store using code KARTAS20, good through November 2013!


Also aboard the sponsor train, Eliptonic essayist extraordinaire Matthew Rossi. Check out his Kindle-ready books Things That Never Were, Bottled Demon, and At last, Atlantis at Amazon!

Episode 53: My Feelings About Hatchets Have Completely Changed

August 23rd, 2013 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we power up our universal translators to contemplate the treatment of languages in roleplaying.

Then we review our way through the summer blockbuster season in the Cinema Hut.

In an Ask Ken and Robin lightning round, we dispatch questions right and left, entertaining queries from the diceless to the non-violent.

Then, under the watchful eyes of benevolent Google gods, our Cartography Hunt/Conspiracy Corner co-production takes the aerial view of the Kazakhstan pentagram.

Join us in a hearty welcome to our latest sponsor, Gorilla Games, now Kickstarting Monster  Derby, their full contact road rage road race board game!

Episode 50: Lasers and Moog Synthesizers

August 2nd, 2013 | Robin

We flip through some pages in the Gaming Hut as we discuss the evolution of roleplaying game graphic design, from aesthetics to utility.

Then we slip into the plush seats of the Cinema Hut to review the career of the great Hong Kong director Johnnie To. His latest masterpiece, Drug War, awaits a North American cinema release in August.

In Ask Ken and Robin, Chris Shorb asks if Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering is still relevant today.

Then the neglected dials of Ken’s Time Machine finally get twiddled as he heads back to the 15th century to save Joan of Arc.

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