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Episode 135: So Bad the Quakers Riot

April 10th, 2015 | Robin

When the Gaming Hut asks you to mind your tone, we’re talking about ways to instil it during roleplaying sessions.

In Ask Ken and Robin, Roger Bell West draws us into the Eliptony Hut with by requesting the lowdown on Fomenko’s New Chronology.

We ban phrases from our lexicon in an ever so impactful edition of the Word Hut.

Then the Consulting Occultist builds electric Jesus in its barn as we look at the career of John Murray Spear.

Attention, class! Anchor sponsor Atlas Games wants to enroll you in Mad Scientist University, the card game of evil genius, insane assignments, and unstable elements. Act now, Ken and Robin listeners, and they’ll throw in the Spring Break expansion set for free. Shipping within the US is also free.

Episode 46: An Indictment of Your Pudding

July 5th, 2013 | Robin

We shuttle over to the Gaming Hut to continue our discussion of omnipresent surveillance, this time in the context of your roleplaying group’s tendency to turtle up.

The unveiling of the Word Hut sees us finding our preferences between US and UK words and punctuation. Petrol, anyone?

In Ask Ken and Robin, we respond to Daniel Fidelman’s question on how to pace the unsheathing of knives when player betrayal is on the agenda.

Then we head over to chat with the Consulting Occultist, as part four of our series on Nazi occultism leads us to metaphorically heft the Spear of Destiny.

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