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  1. Ben Riggs says:


    I am LOVING your podcast. Every episode is an engaging and educational exercise in erudition.

    If you could put this in your question hat I would appreciate it. I would love to know why do you think people game? On the face of it, a saner race would judge all forms of gaming madness. Adults pretending to be drow shamans? Moving plastic pieces across a strip of cardboard and proclaiming that they have conquered Irkutsk?

    Obviously, gaming is enjoyable, but our addiction to our hobby goes beyond that. I posit that gaming gives meaning to life. Life is of course a confusing morass, and gaming, especially story gaming, breaks life up into bite-sized chunks which our primate brains can more easily digest.

    Just my two cents. I’ll give a dime for yours.


    Ben Riggs

  2. Nevrose says:

    Let say I plan to read Hamlet’s Hit Points AFTER the publication of Hillfolk. What will HHP talk about that could extend my DramaSystem gaming experience ?

  3. peter vande weyer says:

    I could not find a contact page/ adress for the ask ken & robin segment but I had a question for that segment.

    How well do the modern satanic rockbands follow the satanic philosopies. Are they genuine and have they done their study or are they just shock rockers that want to scare people with some outdated taboo?

    I’d suggest you start your research with this video.

    some other modern satanic bands include:

    the devil’s blood

    and what is your guys opinion on the influx on mythos inspired bands/lyrics in rock and metal music. I even heard that deadmau5 has a mythos related song/video.

    bands like Saille, blood of kingu and many more have entire albums about mythos related stuff

    • Fredrik Carlén says:

      Lovecraft has inspired bands since the start of…banddom. Check out Arkham from the beginning of the 70’s, that later in the 70’s turned into nightmare musicians Univers Zéro (the later group even has a collective impro piece called “La Musique d’Erich Zann”). They have been described as being what Stravinskij’s rock group would have sounded like. It’s far more scary than any metal I have stumbled upon, and I listen quite a lot to metal.

      As for the satanic stuff, Watain are genuinely believers in chaos or some sort of chaos entity (which I find laughable). Probably not tradSatanic, but there you go. The only satanic dude in Gorgoroth is Infernus. He calls himself a gnostic.

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