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Episode 103: Francis Peameal Bacon

August 22nd, 2014 | Robin

Ken slaps down suggestions of a Gaming Hut renovation, but that poses little impediment to Robin as he sets out the four key components that make for an engaging obstacle. For more, see Robin’s latest publication, a fundraiser chapbook for the Kraken Convention called Sharper Adventures in HeroQuest Glorantha, available to the public soon after that con wraps.

Cartography Hut finds Ken searching for Dracula’s castle, finding not one site but many, each dripping with gore and story potential.

Ask Ken and Robin has our titular podcasters flopping their pseudopods in response to a MarcAddress challenge to create a civilization absent fine motor control.

Finally theories about the Holy Grail taking up residence in the Oak Island money pit infuse the Eliptony Hut with a salty spray of Canadian content.

Lead sponsor Atlas Games announces a project near and dear to Robin’s heart, not to mention a good chunk of his year so far. It fires off warning shots concerning the upcoming Kickstarter for Feng Shui 2! Click the link to be notified when the campaign goes live.

Stone Skin Press has a deal for you. Until September 1st, all hardcopy purchases of Robin’s action-driven Mythos fiction anthology Shotguns v. Cthulhu come not only with the expected free electronic edition of that book, but also an ebook of Schemers, Robin’s anthology of betrayal and conspiracy. Just buy it at the Pelgrane Press store, as you normally would, no special links or offer codes required.

14 Responses to “Episode 103: Francis Peameal Bacon”

  1. GB Steve says:

    Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse has civilised parasites. I suspect 60s space drugs were to blame.

  2. hüth says:

    I tried to visit the pit back in 2001, but there was a fence and a no trespassing sign and I was there with relatives who would look askance at me breaking in.

  3. John F Rauchert says:

    A good overview of Native Oaks of North America

  4. Mailanka says:

    Obstacles quick summary, for people who might want to cite this later on:
    -The Dilemma
    -Rooting Interest

  5. Matthew Muth says:

    First, let me say that ‘Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff’ is the best podcast available as it covers a wide display of topics on gaming, writing, plot and history. Ken does a mind-blowing job of bringing interesting and unusual pieces of history to the gaming table.

    Second, I have a question for Ask Ken and Robin:

    For as much as I love all manner of Lovecraft memorabilia and Cthulhu goodies, it makes me wonder whether or not Cthulhu plushies and Cthulhu bottle openers are doing more harm than good to the noble (and horrific) name of Cthulhu as well as all the other Lovecraftian entities.

    Do you think that the proliferation of all this Cthulhiana is helping the Mythos or turning it into a cute joke?

  6. YogScott says:

    The armadillo / Kristen Stewart connection is real!

  7. YogScott says:

    Well since my effort to link the picture failed:

  8. […] we have a new episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff – covering Dracula’s castle, the Oak Island mystery, […]

  9. Tom says:

    Anthony Bourdain visits the Dracula Castle Hotel in the Romania episode of No Reservations – from about 18 minutes in:
    He hates it, and not without reason.

    Earlier in the episode, there’s a tantalising Night’s Black Agents plot hook about a Russian consortium trying to buy a different Dracula castle.

  10. […] was listening to discussion on obstacles in RPGs in Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff podcast, episode 103. If you haven’t listened to it before, there’s no time like the […]

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