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Episode 124: Live from Chupacabracon in Austin, TX

January 23rd, 2015 | Robin

Join Ken and Robin for this live episode recorded at Chupacabracon in beautiful Austin, TX. The best audience ever, per capita, punch above their weight to keep us supplied with incisive questions. We discover that the Nerdtrope game is exceptions-based as Ken draws a historic quintuple Trope. Or is that Nerd? I forget. Vicissitudes of the road had their way with our audio quality this time out, but hey, quintuple. We couldn’t not release that.

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8 Responses to “Episode 124: Live from Chupacabracon in Austin, TX”

  1. Joshua Hillerup says:

    So this episode makes me ask: How might one use the Gumshoe system to run a Scooby Doo style mystery?

  2. Aaron Nuttall says:

    Just want to make sure someone mentions Colonial Gothic from Rogue Games here in reference to the question in the ep. about American Revolution games.

  3. John Rauchert says:

    CAS! OMG! YES!

    I have to get back (resurrect) my Life in Naat blog on Yog-sothoth, but if Ken and Robin want to do a fantasy game (or trail/gumshoe or anything) with Clark Ashton Smith goodiness then I am in.

  4. Sam Tyler says:

    It might have just been the size of the audience or the recording quality, but I think Ken is owed a round of applause for his Quintuple Trope-Nerd Improvisation that ended with a completely gamable setting idea. Greek Mythology-based Lovcraftian space opera is easily worth a KWAS or two.
    (Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!)

    Recently a local news site brought this archive to my attention:
    It’s a site full of scans from newly declassified Project Bluebook Investigation Reports.
    So many files are listed, that anyone in America will be able to be freaked out by mentions of nearby towns. I particularly like the graphic used in some of the reports to help record the angle relative to the horizon of the UFO path.
    Granted, It’s easy to get inspiration from this archive and the documents inside, but anything you both come up while batting this idea back and forth would be a joy for me. What ideas does this Archive of declassified documents give you?

  5. Simon says:

    Following on from the comments about Arthur Machen’s Little People and them existing as an underclass in Britain, has Ken seen Neverwhere (90’s BBC drama) or read Neil Gaiman’s novel (based on the show which he helped write I believe). That’d be an interesting take on that idea.

  6. rogue_lettuce says:

    Am I the only one who found this episode completely unlistenable because of the choppy audio? I’m not sure if it’s a corrupted download or whether it’s that thing that’s supposed to cut out pauses, but I’m missing whole chunks of sentences and it makes it really difficult to follow a train of thought. 🙁 Just a note for future live recordings…

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