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Episode 151: Draculas Competing To Be the Dracula

July 31st, 2015 | Robin

Robin gets a head start on his Dracula Dossier homework as the Gaming Hut lays out the whys and hows of campaign frames.

The titular chapeau takes on a conical shape as Ken talks Yithians in Among My Many Hats. Check out his Ken Writes About Stuff installment for more.

How to Write Good examines different authorial worldviews and how they determine what does and doesn’t fit in your narrative.

Finally Ken’s Time Machine whirs up for a trip to pre-gold rush California, courtesy of a question from Rich Fryer.

Look out, Lieutenants of evil! The sinister mastermind you work for has taken some time to shake the post-conquest blues. But he’ll be back soon, and your survival depends on impressing him. Thankfully, our lead sponsor Atlas Games has just what you need: their delightful new card game of competitive minion-stacking, Three Cheers for Master.


5 Responses to “Episode 151: Draculas Competing To Be the Dracula”

  1. Chris Shorb says:

    Ken’s Time Machine this episode sparked this question in my head – the discussion of Russians, and Japanese, and English and French and Mexicans all running around on the West coast pre-Civil War sounds amazing.

    Seems appropriate for a Lightning Round question.

    It’s a 2 part question:
    Part 1 (probably for Ken): I’m wondering what city along the west coast of North America (from southern Mexico to Alaska) was the most ethnically and culturally diverse? Parameters: Pre-1900; can include indigenous American cultures. Please define not only what city, but also when.

    Part 2 (maybe Robin can stretch a bit here…): Having identified the city, please nerd-trope us into an amazingly fun RPG setting.

  2. GB Steve says:

    I’m just writing about structuring campaigns for Fearful Symmetries. Don’t be supprised if some of it turns out to be eerily familiar. Or did I mean please don’t sue? At least one of those.

  3. Ethan C. says:

    Good discussion of the Yithians! I wrote a scenario set during the American Civil War involving an enslaved black woman who is a musical savant, and who ends up mind swapping with a Yithian — and then refusing to return to her original body. It creates a bit of a problem for the poor Yithian researcher on his mission.

  4. Stephen F says:

    Do you have a source to recommend for your section on authorial worldview? I was looking to read up some more on those ideas, but my Google-fu is failing me. At least I’m not finding other sources using similar terms.

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