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Episode 198: Stab Them in the Peninsula

July 8th, 2016 | Robin

Matters come to a head in the Gaming Hut, where we talk about writing scenario climaxes.

In Ask Ken and Robin, Patreon backer Eric Jeppesen asks Ken and Robin to help weave a campaign around 16th century English-Ottoman relations and the figure of Edward Barton.

Enterprising filmmakers tasked a deep learning neural net to write a short film screenplay for them, and this is the result. We step into the oh so analytical confines of the Narrative Hut to discuss its implications.

Finally supporter Paul S. Enns asks us to rev up Ken’s Time Machine for a look at the timeline where Richard Nixon went unpardoned for his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

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4 Responses to “Episode 198: Stab Them in the Peninsula”

  1. If you want to silence Windows from trying to tell you Windows 10 stories check out for a way to tell Windows that you’re not into those sorts of tales.

    Steve Gibson is trustworthy (he’s the author of Spinrite) and it does work. I had one of our IT folks at work thank me profusely (several times) for pointing him to this program.

  2. Akiva says:

    A note on Nixon’s plumbers: they were called plumbers because their original purpose was to find and plug leaks to the media. When they were arrested, they were wearing business suits.

  3. Lee DeBoer says:

    I would pronounce it “pay-tree-on” because all of the people who support your project are your patrons (pay-trons) not your patrons (pat rons). But that could just be me. Not really a made up name but more of a play on words. From one of your patreon backers.

  4. Benjamin J Blattberg says:

    I really dig Ken and Robin, and their dynamic, though sometimes I wonder if Ken’s political issues dictate his historical solutions a bit, i.e.,
    “How to get rid of leftist terror, a la Stalin? Get rid of leftists.”
    “How to get rid of rightist terror, a la Pinochet? Get rid of leftists.”

    (Also, after listening to the back catalog, I think it interesting that Ken pointed to Clinton Cash as a reasonable, unbiased source of information, since it was later revealed to be funded and supported by Bannon, the Koch Bros., etc.)

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