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Episode 236: Not on the Front Page of the Literature

April 7th, 2017 | Robin

Get ready to argue logistics as the Gaming Hut considers player planning. When is it prelude to play, and when is it play?

The Crime Blotter opens one of the most famous cold cases of all: the Black Dahlia murder.

Ask Ken and Robin features a query from Patreon backer Padriag Griffin about the plausibility of hidden societies of vampires or wizards in a world of pervasive surveillance.

Finally the Eliptony Hut catches up on some recent news as we ask why a member of the Moorish sovereign citizen movement might be messing with Yig’s digs in Moundville.

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2 Responses to “Episode 236: Not on the Front Page of the Literature”

  1. Padraig Griffin says:

    Thanks for the answer, guys! That’s pretty much what I was looking for!

  2. Terry O'Carroll says:

    Italian Futurists cooked up some weird dishes. One dish involved a chicken stuffed with ball bearings to infuse the chicken with the flavour of mild steel. Or eating with the left hand while the right caresses a variety of different textured objects. Sounds like the kind of crazy stuff they’d serve in Dreamlands restaurants to me. A possible Food Hut/Dreamhounds of Paris cross-over issue??

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