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Episode 332: Unencumbered By Space Cats

February 22nd, 2019 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we contemplate lunar havoc as Patreon backer Ray Slakinski asks us to turn Project A119 into a Fall of Delta Green scenario.

We walk the red carpet into the Cinema Hut as we indulge in our traditional pre-Oscar look back at our favorite films from the previous year.

Then backer Gerald Sears asks the Consulting Occultist to fill a game set in late 20s New York City with historical esoteric weirdness.

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Ken’s latest roleplaying game, The Fall of Delta Green, is now available in print or PDF or both from Pelgrane Press. Journey to the head-spinning chaos of the late 1960s, back when everyone’s favorite anti-Cthulhu special ops agency hadn’t gone rogue yet, for this pulse-pounding GUMSHOE game of war, covert action, and Mythos horror.

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2 Responses to “Episode 332: Unencumbered By Space Cats”

  1. Josh says:

    Top ten movies of 2018:

    10) Black Panther
    9) Black Klansmen
    8) A Star is Born
    7) Mandy
    6) The Favorite
    5) Annihilation
    4) The Death of Stalin
    3) Shoplifters
    2) Burning
    1) The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

    10) They Shall Not Grow Old
    9) Widows
    8) Burning
    7) The Death of Stalin
    6) Raazi
    5) The Favorite
    4) Dogman
    3) The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
    2) Cold War
    1) The Other Side of the Wind

  2. Phil Masters says:

    A couple of nitpicks I can’t resist…

    First, Jason Isaacs isn’t actually from Yorkshire. Born in Liverpool. (You don’t want to restart the Wars of the Roses.) He decided to play Zhukov as a useful stereotype — the supremely blunt Yorkshireman. And second, The Favourite, curiously, wasn’t shot at Blenheim Palace; it seems to have been mostly Hatfield House (Robert Cecil’s old pad, quite over-used in movies really), with the kitchen scenes using Hampton Court Palace.

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