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Episode 529: More Cryptids Than It Can Consume Domestically

January 6th, 2023 | Robin

We start by whittling some polyhedrals in the Gaming Hut, as beloved Patreon backer Derrick Yates asks us to sketch out an Appalachian cryptid campaign.

In The Business of Gaming we discuss another reason the books you’re waiting for are late, the great freelancer / creator crash-out of 2022.

Then another long dormant segment returns, as Ken and Robin Recycle Audio from the Dragonmeet Horror Roleplaying Masterclass.

Finally alien ears perk up in the Eliptony Hut as we profile UFO gadfly Gray Barker.

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2 Responses to “Episode 529: More Cryptids Than It Can Consume Domestically”

  1. Hank Harwell says:

    Let me be the first to suggest the TV series MOUNTAIN MONSTERS (Travel Channel and Discover+). It features a collection of West Virginia hillbillies trying hunt and trap Appalachian cryptids.

    It just occurs to me that as I write this, the team is actually an RPG adventuring party.

    If you watch it with this viewpoint, it could be very rewarding and educational.

  2. J. Blomberg says:

    Kinda disappointed that you didn’t even mention “Holller” for Savage Worlds in the Appalachian section. We all know your connections to your publishers, but that omission left a bad aftertaste.

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