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Episode 544: Sean Connery’s Speedo

April 21st, 2023 | Robin

The Gaming Hut makes knowing reference to the Gaming Hut as beloved Patreon backer Joshua Hillerup asks how one might make a game that is to roleplaying what Community was to the sitcom.

Malaise gives way to corrupt hedonism as the Cinema Hut science fiction essentials series reaches the mid 70s.

In The Business of Gaming we wonder what the crumbling state of social media means to guerrilla marketing for tabletop products.

Finally in Ken’s Time Machine estimable backer Neil Barnes proposes that our chrono-hero do something about replacing mere decimal mathematics with a Base-12 system.

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In Sunset City, there’s always something fishy going on … and we’re not talking tuna.  The magical kitties of Sunset City have their paws full of mystery. Thanks to our fine feline friends at Atlas Games, Magical Kitties Noir is headed to Kickstarter.

The skies above New Olympus are patrolled by caped crusaders, but these superior beings are far from heroes. They wield their powers with reckless disregard, serving the interests of corporate overseers, and silencing those who oppose their will. You are Klara Koenig, investigative journalist for The Pedestrian newspaper, and you intend to prove the privileged superhuman elite do not yet hold a monopoly on justice. Welcome to Alteregomania: the newest setting for the GUMSHOE One-2-One system.

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Put on your flannels, grab your duffel bag of hardware and assemble your fake passports. Alert your retailer to the contents of their favorite unmarked warehouse. Delta Green: The Conspiracy, the revised, updated and declassified edition of the iconic 1990s sourcebook has escaped from Arc Dream Publishing.

3 Responses to “Episode 544: Sean Connery’s Speedo”

  1. JCambias says:

    I’m amazed that neither of you mentioned Mike Pondsmith’s licensed _Dream Park_ RPG, which was about the most meta thing you can create. The game book in your hands was the “home version” of the elaborate holographic RPGs played in the eponymous futuristic amusement park, as described in the “tie-in novels” by Niven and Barnes. In the game you play characters playing Dream Park roleplaying games — some of which are televised and have fan communities, etc.

    I wrote about it at greater length here:

  2. Phil Masters says:

    I was a little surprised that discussion didn’t mention DIE, of which Ken and Robin are certainly aware… Okay, I’ve only skimmed the RPG (which I suspect would need a very specific group of players, and a GM who isn’t me), and the comic is light on comedic irony, but it does seem relevant.
    I will be taking a stab at running the new Monty Python RPG (sorry, cocurricular reenactment programme) some time, which may hit similar ideas from a different angle.

  3. Melendwyr says:

    Hexadecimal is base sixteen: “six and ten”. I think Ken meant duodecimal – “two and ten”.

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