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Episode 74: They Failed to Organize Italy

January 31st, 2014 | Robin

Keep your silver dagger ready in the Gaming Hut as we look at campaign setting creation through the example of Ken’s Werewolves of Dacia, which will appear in the upcoming Best of Fenix anthology. Hat tip to Big Think for its Middle Earth-to-Earth conversion map.

Next, Derek Upham Asks Ken and Robin to solve the mystery of medieval knights in dire combat with snails.

Then, having found in the Cartography Hut a map showing where Soviet citizens were forbidden to go in 1955, we kick around the idea of restricted territories.

Finally, in the Eliptony Hut, we look back at various conceptions of the alien before the standardization imposed by the classic UFO era.

Additional hat tip: the no-index-cards-in-Italy story comes from Renato of Pinboard for the Mind.

Once again Fenix Magazine occupies our coveted anchor sponsor slot. After ten years delighting the Swedish gaming scene, they’re poised to bring the Best of Fenix to English-language GMs and players with a February Indiegogo campaign.

Our next sponsor, Sand and Steam Productions, is now well into its Kickstarter for their Fate-powered mythic Norse RPG, War of Metal and Bone.


Also aboard the sponsor train is Atlas Games, who in a dappled fairyland warehouse discovered the need to liquidate still perfectly fabulous copies of Once Upon Time 2nd Edition, as the 3rd Edition glimmers on the horizon. Take advantage of this special deal for Ken and Robin listeners!

4 Responses to “Episode 74: They Failed to Organize Italy”

  1. Mailanka says:

    Do we have any information on how we can buy this Fenix anthology in English?

  2. Chris Angelucci says:

    I’d love to hear an Eliptony Hut on the Dyatlov Pass Incident, where in 1959, nine Russian ski hikers died under mysterious circumstances while in the Ural mountains.

  3. Elisa says:

    The Asterisk War Season 2

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