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Episode 8: Cruller-Infested Demi-Paradise

September 27th, 2012 | Robin

If there is a mother of all Cinema Huts, it is the Toronto International Film Festival. We kick off the episode with Robin’s picks from the just-completed 37th fest.

Then we skulk into the Conspiracy Corner to put the inflammatory impact of Innocence of Muslims in historical context.

In Ask Ken and Robin, we compare the strong points of Dungeons and Dragons’ third and fourth editions, as we examine the emotional fuel behind the Great Schism.

Finally, we call again upon the Consulting Occultist for a primer on Aleister Crowley.

11 Responses to “Episode 8: Cruller-Infested Demi-Paradise”

  1. James McGlothlin says:

    Given that your most recent episode focused on movies, I’m curious what both of you make of the following story:

  2. Gerall Kahla says:

    How would Ken use his time machine and limitless guile to defuse the Iranian Hostage Crisis? Last I checked, the Muslims are immune to his primary means of influence and persuasion…

  3. Jurie says:

    I hope this is the right place to ask questions for the podcast. Anyway I have a question:

    If you were going to do a play-by-forum Pathfinder campaign, Skulls & Shackles in particular, and maybe you found the Pathfinder rules not well suited to playing that way*, what system would you choose instead? Lorefinder? Fate? Something else?

    *) and maybe you had some people, or one loud person, in your group who object to the amount of numbers and tables and rules in Pathfinder, because they’ve never played anything more complex than WoD before *cough*.

  4. Lisa Padol says:

    What’s your take on the White Wolf edition wars, old versus new World of Darkness? White Wolf’s now doing new editions of the old, and I think a new World of Darkness Mummy.

  5. @Jurie: I realize your question was meant more for Ken and Robin, but if I may, here are some suggestions:

    1) Keeping things pro Robin D. Laws here (don’t judge me for pandering), if Lorefinder isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, might I suggest Robin’s upcoming game Hillfolk? The Kickstarter just launched (and has already funded) and if you pledge you’ll get a pdf copy of the post-playtest rules for your use.

    Personally I found the Drama System to be perfect for play-by-post style play, which tends to rely more on character interaction than it does direct combat.

    If that’s not quite your cup of tea, I’d suggest instead Scott Lininger’s amazing Window RPG, which you can read (in less than five minutes) here: The Window

    Hope that helps.

  6. Jurie says:

    Christopher: Thank you very much for the suggestions!

  7. ERRATUM? The only “The Formation of a Persecuting Society” I can find is by R.I. Moore:

    Is this the one Ken mentions in this podcast? I’d be very grateful for an actual answer 🙂

  8. Kenneth Hite says:

    Fredrik, the Norman Cohn book I’m talking about is Europe’s Inner Demons; I’m not sure by what subterranean means I attached Moore’s title to Cohn’s book.

  9. Ah, thank you. The Moore book seemed not to fit the bill. But you do use the title of the Moore book in the episode. Something along the lines of “Norman Cohn… Warrant for Genocide, …and also The Formation of a [sic] Persecuting Society”. We’ll call it a slip of the tongue.

  10. The Norman Cohn segment starts at about 40:15.

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