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Episode 58: You or Shub-Niggurath Walk Out of The Room

September 27th, 2013 | Robin

If it’s late September, it must be time for Robin to exit bleary-eyed from the Lightbox theater and stumble into the Cinema Hut to regale us with his findings from the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Listen to Ken wish he had more crossover with the upcoming Chicago Film Festival, or follow along at home.

Then Ken and Robin Recycle Audio, capping off their suite of excerpts from the Gen Con GUMSHOE panel.

Finally, popular demand decrees that we venture into the Eliptony Hut to tackle the recent appearance of a monument to Azathoth in Ken’s old stomping ground, Oklahoma City.

Joining us as sponsor this episode is Engine Publishing and their system-neutral GM resource, Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management. Get $5 off in the Engine Publishing store using code KARTAS20, good through November 2013!


Also aboard the sponsor train, Eliptonic essayist extraordinaire Matthew Rossi. Check out his Kindle-ready books Things That Never Were, Bottled Demon, and At last, Atlantis at Amazon!

Episode 57: Live from FanExpo Canada

September 20th, 2013 | Robin

Join us for a very special live episode of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, live from FanExpo Canada. Hop in our time machine and journey back to Toronto on the weekend before Labor Day to hear about ninja anti-competition efforts, our most hated gaming clichés, and much, much more. Not to mention the toxic menace of the cronut burger.

Joining us as very special sponsor is the Bundle of Holding, which just happens to be offering an incredible Ken and Robin-related deal—the Bundle of GUMSHOE! Until Saturday, Sept 28th, you can grab PDFs of Ashen Stars, Mutant City Blues, See Page XX v1, and the first four issues of Ken Writes About Stuff — plus a 1-year KWAS subscription. Pay more than the current average and grab Night’s Black Agents and The Zalozhniy Quartet, too—plus additional sweeteners yet to be announced!

Also sponsoring us this week, writer and musician David Maurice Garrett. Check out his book Tome of Horror and his album Al Azif.

Episode 56: Oh, My Pancreas

September 13th, 2013 | Robin

Having survived his epic three weekends, three conventions journey into the heart of geekdom, Ken returns to issue a Travel Advisory on his final leg, which took him to the newly de-asterisked DragonCon.

In How to Write Good we consider discipline, routine, and various techniques to keep the productivity flowing at the keyboard.

Then Ken and Robin Recycle Audio, with the first of two excerpts from the Gen Con GUMSHOE and investigative roleplaying panel.

Finally we give the weary Consulting Occultist a topic he should be able to do while standing on his head—those diffusely mystical purveyors of alchemical imagery, the Rosicrucians.


Special thanks to this episode’s lead sponsor, Genesis of Legend Publishing, and its Spark RPG.

Also joining us as sponsor this week, writer and musician David Maurice Garrett. Check out his book Tome of Horror and his album Al Azif.

Episode 55: Endemic Clan Warfare and Beautiful Lakes

September 6th, 2013 | Robin

After a prefatory Travel Advisory on their activities at FanExpo Canada and a Food Hut trawl through the gustatory delight’s of Robin’s neighborhood, Ken and Robin take a nostalgic look back over the haul of treasures secured in Toronto for Ken’s Bookshelf. Gangsters, pirates and ancient Americans flood into the Hite Memorial Library as we learn the secret graphic signifier that announces the presence of prime crazy.

In Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else, Rob Heinsoo swings by the podcast to discuss the design process for 13th Age, as seen through the lens of traps and their evolving role in fantasy roleplaying.

Finally we enter the Gaming Hut to consider techniques for collaborative worldbuilding. That last segment idea comes courtesy of this episode’s lead sponsor, Genesis of Legend Publishing, and its Spark RPG.

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