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Episode 12: +4 Damage from Boat

October 25th, 2012 | Robin

We kick off with a Gaming Hut segment contemplating the question: is it ever okay to kick someone out of your game group and, if so, when?

Jason Breti supplies our Ask Ken and Robin question, leading us to examine Sandy Petersen’s original draft for Call of Cthulhu as compared to the final game we all know and love.

Then, in That Thing I Always Say, Robin, with a little help from Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, shows you how not to have wrong opinions about art.

And in a surprise Ken’s Time Machine twist, Ken tells us how he already altered the time stream, when he averted nuclear catastrophe during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Episode 11: When Angels Tell You To Wife-Swap

October 18th, 2012 | Robin

This week’s installment of Ask Ken and Robin prompts us to wax autobiographical and reveal our similar yet opposite secret origins.

Then we descend into the Paris catacombs, escaping from what we find there only through the maps snatched from the high cabinets of the Cartography Hut.

[From Temples, Tombs and Catacombs, part of Profantasy Software’s Source Maps series.]

The Business of Gaming prompts mulling of the history and choices of open game licensing, now that Robin has to figure out the best license for DramaSystem.

We close with the ever-popular Consulting Occult as Ken gives us the 101 on Elizabethan magician, mathematician and cartographer (sense a theme here?) John Dee.

Episode 10: Brand Confusion

October 12th, 2012 | Robin

In Among My Many Hats, Robin discusses Hillfolk, his new game of iron age personal interaction, and its DramaSystem engine, now up for crowdfunding. Ken teases “Moscow Station”, a DramaSystem Series Pitch offered as a campaign stretch goal.

Ask Ken and Robin poses a follow-up on the Puritans, who turn out not to be as puritanical as certain Victorians wanted us to think.

We venture into the Gaming Hut to contemplate RPG design decisions that once irritated but have now entered the standard toolkit.

Finally, we engage in some History Bending, triggered by a report that a Tibetan statue collected by a famed Nazi expedition was carved from a meteor.

And with open arms we welcome a new sponsor to the fold: DriveThru RPG!


Episode 9: Riesling and Dirigibles

October 5th, 2012 | Robin

With a tip of the hat to sponsors Profantasy Software, we fling open the inaugural doors of the Cartography Hut to contemplate maps we have known and loved.

In a frenzy of construction, we then throw caution to the wind and cut the ribbon on Politics Hut, in which we look at the current US Presidential election from the Republican and Canadian points of view.

Ask Ken and Robin prompts us to consider: can comedy and Lovecraft coexist? (Thanks for the question, Monica Valentinelli.)

Finally, Ken faces his most daunting Ken’s Time Machine yet as Time Incorporated asks him to prevent Prohibition.

Golden Geek Award Nomination

October 2nd, 2012 | Robin

Wow! After a mere nine episodes, our humble audio adventure has garnered a Golden Geek Award nomination as Best Podcast from the good folks at RPGGeek. It’s a worthy crop of nominees and we’re proud to be counted among them.

Ken’s aura has taken on a particular sheen with the announcement, as he is also nominated for Night’s Black Agents and Bookhounds of London.

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