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Episode 174: Metaphor Drift! Metaphor Drift!

January 22nd, 2016 | Robin

Roll the dice with us as Among My Many Hats finds Ken headed to Las Vegas 68.

Grant our dramatic petition while How To Write Good breaks down dramatic scene construction.

Join us for a plate of tamarind-infused noodles as the Food Hut looks at the politics of pad thai.

Finally, narrowly avoid drowning not once but twice as Ken’s Time Machine explains why our hero saved both a young James Garfield and his eventual assassin Charles Guiteau from separate watery graves.

Ken and Robin have oft been accused of being cards. Well, we can deny it no longer. We have become super-limited promo cards for Murder of Crows, Atlas Games’ fast-paced card game of murder and the macabre, for two to five players in the mood for something a little morbid. It’s Edward Gorey meets Caligari, by way of Edgar Allan Poe. Wait a minute, what does that graphic say? I’m not so sure about this… Ken fans who did not partake of the Kickstarter can now sink their fangs into the general release of the Dracula Dossier from Pelgrane Press, consisting of the Director’s Handbook and Dracula Unredacted. You say that’s still not enough Ken for you? Very well, my friend. His brilliant pieces on parasitic gaming, alternate Newtons, Dacian werewolves and more now lurk among the sparkling bounty of The Best of FENIX Volumes 1-3, from returning sponsors Askfageln. Yes, it’s Sweden’s favorite RPG magazine, now beautifully collected. Warning: not in Swedish. In a move that surely violates someone’s security clearance, this episode is also brought to you by our friends at Arc Dream Publishing. The Kickstarter for Delta Green: the Roleplaying Game has come to an end, but don’t let that stop you from indulging your fever for this classic game, or that pinnacle of the Cthulhu game zine world, The Unspeakable Oath.

6 Responses to “Episode 174: Metaphor Drift! Metaphor Drift!”

  1. GB Steve says:

    I’ve been subjected to the epithet rosbif on a few occassions. It’s fairly gentle.

  2. […] and Robin D. Laws (Hillfolk, Feng Shui, Gumshoe ++) have been doing this podcast for four years. Episode 174 was out yesterday (January 22), and covers a trip to Vegas, dramatic scene construction and thai […]

  3. Bryan says:

    where can i find floor plans for the casinos in las vegas? i’m running a kids campaign in las vegas so i need to know the areas where kids have to go when their parents go to the casino.

  4. Andreas says:

    re: Hitler and kale.
    Brunswick, the city were they granted Hitler german citizenship so he could run in the elections, is famous for its seasonal kale recipes.
    They even call it Braunkohl (brown cabbage) around there!

  5. Rob Whitaker says:

    Ken, I think you have answered this question more than one time already, but I’m too lazy to review 174 podcasts. What book(s) would you recommend a GM read/skim/review before creating a fantasy genre spy campaign?


  6. I just wanted to say I found the How To Write Good hut on dramatic scene construction to be absolutely fantastic. Thank you.

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