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Episode 2: It’s a Wonderful Life, Batman

August 9th, 2012 | Robin

We did it once, and now we’re doing it again. It’s Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, the new podcast from game designers and authors Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws. Join our thrilling audio adventure as we discuss games, movies, history, narrative and sundry concerns of the geekosphere.

This week we revisit a perennial segment and roll out three more:

We enter the cozy confines of the Gaming Hut to ask: is Risk: Legacy a story game?

In Ask Ken and Robin, we lay guru wisdom on Nolan S., re: bringing story structure to roleplaying sessions in the face of player unpredictability.

We establish the rules of Ken’s Time Machine before sending him off into the chrono-vortex to stop WWI. You’ll never guess who he enlists in his covert war on Kaiser Bill.

Finally, we grab our buttered popcorn and shuffle to our seats in the Cinema Hut to examine The Dark Knight Rises and tip you to the floodplain fantasia Beasts of the Southern Wild.

One Response to “Episode 2: It’s a Wonderful Life, Batman”

  1. Cambias says:

    Diane’s cousin Dan Romer did the music for Beasts of the Southern Wild. He’s very talented; watch for him in future.

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