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Episode 206: They Had Hyenas In Inventory

September 2nd, 2016 | Robin

Rules get hybridized in the Gaming Hut, at the behest of Patreon backer Jason Carter, who wants to fuse GUMSHOE’s investigative rules with the combat systems of other games, say for example Feng Shui.

The man who shot Billy the Kid was himself killed in a dispute over goats. Coincidence? The History Hut looks at the killing of Pat Garrett.

Learn the secret of scoring your RPG sessions with music from writer and game designer Will Hindmarch, as Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else.

Finally, erect your anti-wolf defenses as the Eliptony Hut tells the hair-raising tale of the Beast of Gevaudan.

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Do intervals between Ken’s Time Machine segments leave you listless, bored, and itchy? Then you’re in luck, because TimeWatch, the wild and woolly GUMSHOE game of chrono-hopping adventure has now blasted its way into our reality. Brought to you by master of over-the-top fast-paced fun Kevin Kulp and our reality-maintaining overlords at Pelgrane Press.

For those seeking yet more Ken content, his brilliant pieces on parasitic gaming, alternate Newtons, Dacian werewolves and more now lurk among the sparkling bounty of The Best of FENIX Volumes 1-3, from returning sponsors Askfageln. Yes, it’s Sweden’s favorite RPG magazine, now beautifully collected. Warning: not in Swedish.

Attention, operatives of Delta Green, the ultra-covert agency charged with battling the contemporary forces of the Cthulhu Mythos! Now everything you need to know to play Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game, perhaps extending your valiantly short field life, can be found in the Delta Green Agent’s Handbook.


7 Responses to “Episode 206: They Had Hyenas In Inventory”

  1. John Mehrholz says:

    So, I hesitate to do this as I know that you aren’t involved in Will Hindmarch’s business, but since you guys did give him a platform to promote “Always, Never, Now” I have to ask whether or not you can get him to respond to my multiple requests for information on the status of that Kickstarter.

    It’s now been almost five years and I have yet to receive my physical rewards for backing it, or even any notice as to the status of said rewards.

    He refuses to respond to requests for information despite numerous requests for such on multiple platforms. I’ve been polite, I’ve posted and emailed in the appropriate ways, but since that has resulted in absolutely no result, I find myself needing to broaden my approach and post here as well.

    Again, sorry for posting this on your page, but I’ve run out of other options for dealing with what has become the most frustrating Kickstarter experience I’ve had out of the over 250 projects I’ve backed.

  2. Tim Emrick says:

    “The Brotherhood of the Wolf” is a wonderful action flick wrapped in the moody trappings of a mystery. I heartily recommend it to any Ken and Robin fans. I also recommend Ken’s Suppressed Transmission column about the Beast, and Michel Belanger’s write-up of it in “GURPS Monsters.”

    And speaking of old works that I’m very fond of, I’ve just reread “Robin’s Laws of Good Game Mastering” for the umpteenth time. I try to do so once a year or so just to refresh my memory of all that lovely advice in my head.

  3. Douglas Sundseth says:

    In addition to being Governor of New Mexico, an ACW general*, and the best-selling US author of the 19th century, Lew Wallace was also on the military commission that tried the Lincoln conspirators** and was the US minister plenipotentiary (basically ambassador) to the Ottoman Empire. One of the great characters of history.

    * Btw, Grant seems to have changed his mind about the culpability of Wallace for the problems of Shiloh in the years after the end of the war. Whether this was sincere or a political decision is left as an exercise for the historian.

    ** I make no claims about the constitutionality of the commission.

    Small note: Hyenas aren’t necessarily smaller than wolves. Big hyenas can be well over 5′ long and well over 100#. Perhaps you were thinking of jackals?

  4. GB Steve says:

    We went to Lincoln, NM on a preevious tour of the US, and met the sherrif, as well as seeing where Billy escaped from the court house, and also masonic lodge, shooting two men whilst handcuffed. And that’s my commas used up for the day.

  5. […] highly recommend listening to Ken Hite and Robin D Laws’ interview with Will Hindmarch on Episode 206 of Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, where Will talks in detail about using music in his […]

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    Episode 206: They Had Hyenas In Inventory « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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