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Episode 214: The Puppet Below

October 28th, 2016 | Robin

The Gaming Hut looks at top temporal locations for TimeWatch scenarios. Pelgrane Press celebrates our segment by offering you, the listener, a voucher code to order from its online store. Plunk in TIMEWATCH at the voucher prompt for 10% off any TimeWatch product. In keeping with the chronological confusion of TimeWatch, the offer is good for a limited but indeterminate time period, so act fast, before it shimmers away into nothingness.

Next up Robin issues a Travel Advisory for his trip to THE KRAKEN, a Gaming Retreat held at the Schloss Neuhausen in the rural depths of the former East Germany.

Its founder Fabian Kuechler can tell us more about the unusual history that led to THE KRAKEN, so in Ken and/Robin Talk To Someone Else, we get him to do just that.

Ken also spent his time since our last recording session on the road, occasioning a jaunt into the Cinema Hut for a review of the latest H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival.

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7 Responses to “Episode 214: The Puppet Below”

  1. Don Randall says:

    Any new promo card that allows me to usher in a new age of malevolence, I mean win the game sounds grand to me !

  2. Mike Daumen says:

    If John Rutsey isn’t diabetic then Max Webster tours with Kiss in the 1970s and releases several concept albums with Neal Peart’s lyrics. Also, Ken has to go back to February 1979 and keep Dire Straits from touring the US in lieu of the Clash.

    In 1981 Gary “The Analog Kid” Weinrib’s scheduled debut on the mound for the Expos is cancelled by player’s strike; he never makes it back to MLB.

  3. Tom McCarthy says:

    When I read the show notes, I was sure “Timewatch settings” would mention either DC’s Legends of Tomorrow or the new TV series Timeless. I have to hand it to Timeless for letting the antagonists successfully change history multiple times in it’s early run.

  4. Robin: Should you decide to travel to the part of the United States that looks like a hand and is South and to the left of Toronto: We have a bunch of great craft beer here in the Mitten. And a gaming / science fiction / open source convention that you could attend in the process. 🙂

    (This has been a public service message of Craig Maloney tries to get his favorite people to come to Penguicon so he doesn’t have to travel to see them).

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    Episode 214: The Puppet Below « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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