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Episode 218: This Podcast Still Hates Nazis

November 25th, 2016 | Robin

Patreon backer Michael Kotschi pops a moony question over the Ask Ken and Robin transom, prompting us to look at 70s NASA from a Moon Dust Men perspective.

The Politics Hut still has a hangover, but I guess we still have to address that thing that happened.

In Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, Ken talks to blogger, podcaster, freshly minted game designer and snailologist Darcy Ross.

Is the Eliptony Hut an odd place to talk about the Sybil case? The answer might surprise you!

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6 Responses to “Episode 218: This Podcast Still Hates Nazis”

  1. Hank Harwell says:

    Love the discussion on the Presidential election. KARTAS is the only political commentary I trust. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Professor AlannLuchtmsn’s “Keys” by which he claims to be able to predict the general ejection results regardless of polling data.

  2. mrm1138 says:

    When asked about how the Clintons used the presidency to stuff their wallets, I was hoping to hear something substantial rather than a recommendation for a hyper-partisan propaganda hit job like Clinton Cash. Oh, well. It’s better than suggesting Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America, I suppose.

  3. Dan says:

    The most amusing part of the politics hut was all the tut-tutting about the so-called “hate incidents” that have proven in the last two weeks to be outright hoaxes committed by leftists themselves to make Republicans look like the villains, such as the Muslim woman Robin cites who already admitted she made the whole hijab attack up. False allegations only serve to damage real victims, and the left are quickly losing all credibility by being the boys-who-cry-hate-crime about every single thing. Nobody is buying it anymore.

    And in the last two weeks since the episode was recorded, all the thuggery that Robin was so concerned about from the so-called Trump goon squads has actually turned out to be committed by the goon squads on the left, who are the ones rioting, trashing cities, and beating Trump supporters in the streets. The left are the ones calling for assassinations and secession and violence against everyone who disagrees with them. I wonder if there will be mention of that in an upcoming episode.

    Or better still, why not just leave the current politics out of KARTAS altogether, because both of our lovely hosts seem to be bad at it and all it does is irritate everyone. Don’t we already get enough of this crap from the media?

  4. Bob Sky says:

    I was also a bit surprised to see Ken so firmly following the standard “Trump is a tyrant, we’re all doomed” trope rather than looking at things with his usual calm detachment and down-to-earth paniclessness. Did he miss a Sanity roll? I’m no fan of Trump, but neither do I think he’s the Antichrist or the Last Elected Leader. (I live in a solid blue redoubt, so voted for Gary Johnson.)

    A) Trump will have to work within a system that isn’t going to just let him start up concentration camps and mass roundups. The “alt-right” is loud, but a small minority. He’ll need ordinary Republicans to do anything, and most of them wanted someone else as their candidate. Despite the constant drumbeat of Nazi-fear, most Republicans actually take the Constitution seriously, as does the military. Trump can’t build the camps, drive the trains, AND run the gas chambers with the few thousand klansmen left in the country.

    B) As has been pointed out, we have seen loads of fake hate-crime claims about Trumpies, but nearly all the actual violence has come from the left, along with public assassination threats and the most ridiculous fear-mongering I’ve ever seen. I just saw a college professor on an NBC affiliate say they needed to begin creating hidden refuges in the city to hide gays and minorities….the reporter nodded and asked seriously whether the university would be helping to fund them. Insane.

    C) It seems obvious to me doesn’t mean what he says five minutes after he says it. He walks back all his crazy stuff as his advisors tell him it’s crazy. He went from a Muslim ban to a Muslim ban from certain countries to more heavily vetting Muslims from certain countries in a week. He’s going to govern like a garden-variety Republican, because he’s going to need to hire them to actually run his government.

    D) Obama himself seems less than panicked, and top Dems are not preparing to leave the country, as they would if they actually believed the boogeyman stories about Trump. Trump isn’t Hitler, although he’s likely to be an awful President.

    So maybe, yeah, scale back the political discussion unless you’re going to bring a 30,000ft view to it. I can get this stuff on CNN or down at the university campus.

  5. Josh F says:

    In the Eliptony Hut, Ken mentions what seems to be some rather broad skepticism about psychology. I have no argument as far as Freud and “recovered memories” and so on, but how about the modern era? Is Ken’s skepticism as firm with regards to, say, cognitive-behavioral therapy and its descendants?

  6. […] tip to Robin D. Laws and Kenneth Hite for the realization that everyone is trying to use Trump for their own ends; I can’t recommend their election takes highly enough. Added kudos to Hite for being an American […]

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