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Episode 220: Bear With Us, Everyone Else

December 9th, 2016 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut, urged on by Patreon backer Fred Kiesche, Ken takes us under the hood of his Rex of the Old 97 campaign. What does he do behind that Peter Frampton GM screen, and how does he do it?

But stranger requests await us still! Patreon backer Jeromy French convenes a meeting in the Culture Hut, where Robin talks about the Toronto music scene. Listen to his Toronto playlist on Spotify.

Next we delve into everyone’s new favorite four syllable word, as the History Hut serves up some backstory on the Emoluments Clause.

Then once again we find ourselves in the shadowy environs of the Conspiracy Corner, as Patreon backer Leandro Ugarte wants us to explain where Juan Peron’s hands went.

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7 Responses to “Episode 220: Bear With Us, Everyone Else”

  1. Mike Daumen says:

    The video for “I’m an Adult Now” shows some of the places Robin mentions in his segment. I would have liked to hear his take on Moxy Fruvous (and Jian Gomeshi) who proudly represented Toronto in their day.

  2. Phil Masters says:

    Ah, right, Martha and the Muffins, “Echo Beach”. For someone of my age and nationality, the aspect of an archetypical one-hit wonder.

    Also, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the last couple of months, it’s that the US system of government is a crumbling 240-year-old structure that is no longer working right.

  3. LJS says:

    Off topic: Someone seems to have borrowed Ken’s mojo — the local bookstore prominently displays “Dracula v. Hitler”

  4. Josh Kroger says:

    I regret to say that I not a Patreon backer, but I think this particular request is… timely.

    Into the Politics and Tadecraft Huts! Special dual feature:

    How is Delta Green going to fair under the new administration, given the president-elect’s foundness for conspiracy theories, baring those where-in Russian intelligence gives him a political leg-up, combined with his treatment of intelligence briefings as a “sometimes thing.”

  5. 89X was one of the staples of my post-college years. It was the only way we got decent music here in the Detroit Area.

    Also, TPOH was an amazing band <3 Moe Berg.

    (Aside: Neil Peart has distanced himself pretty far from Ayn Rand. He acknowledges that it was a period in his life but he grew up.)

    Joe Jackson opening for The Who? Who was drunk when they made that pairing?

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