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Episode 221: Live at Dragonmeet 2016

December 16th, 2016 | Robin

If it’s December, Ken and Robin must be coming to you live from Dragonmeet, the little London convention that isn’t so little any more. Join us as Ken emerges triumphant from a draw of the nerdtrope deck that definitely, definitely happened exactly just as Robin describes it. Plus red herrings, steak, and more stupid gnomes. Also in a Dragonmeet tradition, the f-bomb gets dropped–and the dropper might surprise you!

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3 Responses to “Episode 221: Live at Dragonmeet 2016”

  1. Derek Upham says:

    Scotland is, of course, the fruit of an ancient alchemical marriage between the European and North American continents.

  2. Terry O'Carroll says:

    They also played golf on the Moon in the 1970’s. Are the trenchcoats Moon Dust Men?

    It is a known* fact** that some extra-terrestrial entities and/or technologies distort local physics, which can be detected by testing Newtonian mechanics (e.g. hitting a golf ball). If your ball obeys the laws of physics and doesn’t fly off at right angles or something, you know there are no hostile ETs in the vicinity. On a golf course it is difficult for their human agents to approach undetected, making an innocent game of golf the perfect cover for a secret meeting.

    *Completely made up
    ** Fact(oid)

  3. Natty Bumppo says:

    Hey, Ken and Robin,

    Who was the Leather Man _really_, and does he walk amongst us still?

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