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Episode 265: Vegan Vampire

October 27th, 2017 | Robin


We situate the Gaming Hut near a wolf trap as we answer a request from Patreon backer Dicegeeks and find ways to use the Green Children of Woolpit in a game.

In the Food Hut backer Bryan Gustafson asks us to talk about snack bar purveyor and philanthropist Daniel Lubetsky.

Our Cinema Hut 101s usually take the form of filmographies, but this time around we’re going to instead lay out the basics on a slippery concept: auteurism.

Finally backer Steve Sick stands next to Ken’s Time Machine and asks if French sorcerers maybe had a hand in the death of Henry V.

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3 Responses to “Episode 265: Vegan Vampire”

  1. Finn Cullen says:

    Vegan Vampires really need to pick up Soy Blood (“It Comes in Pulses”)

  2. Preterite says:


    Mark Gattis and the BBC have adapted Anthony Hinds’ script of “The Unquenchable Thirst of Dracula” for radio. It’s available for the next month or so here:

    The play is part of the Unmade Movies series, which had previously tackled Orson Welles’ treatment of “Heart of Darkness”.

  3. Eugene Doherty says:

    So if Agnes was a vegan vampire and animal flesh, other than human blood, is lethal does that mean you could kill her with a steak through the heart….?

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