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Episode 280: Problem Solving Gases

February 16th, 2018 | Robin


February loses its rep as the cruelest month when we confront it with an all-hut, all-request episode, in tribute to our fabulous Patreon backers.

In the Gaming Hut, Tom Bagatelle seeks guidance on a sandbox time travel campaign.

Peter Williamson adds reclining couches to the Food Hut as we consider the Roman cookbook attributed to Apicius.

Zachary Joyner meets us in the Cartography Hut for the 101 on telling stories with places.

Finally David Sowa makes an urgent topical request in the Eliptony Hut. Dare we crack the mystery of Taco Bell’s Belluminati ads?

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5 Responses to “Episode 280: Problem Solving Gases”

  1. Douglas Sundseth says:

    I think the obvious classical example of telling a story with locations is The Odyssey, but many episodic TV shows (Star Trek: TOS or Have Gun, Will Travel, for instance) have essentially that same sort of structure.

    In RPGs, classical Traveller was, I think, mostly run that way as well: This week, our heroes will take their tramp freighter to the Jungle Planet™, next week to the Desert Planet™, and the week after to The Planet of the Rocks®.

    There might be a B or C plot that gets occasional passing mention, but the A plot is extremely vignetted and has a story arc that lasts 24 or 48 minutes (barring the rare two-episode story, of course).

  2. Steve Dempsey says:

    We’ve had Worcestershire Sauce since 1837, and that was pretty much garum. Although English cooking didn’t discover garlic until Elizabeth David in 1950.

  3. captpaul says:

    Thank you for another fun party! Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Cambias says:

    I haven’t boiled an ostrich, but I have tried a few of Apicius’s recipes. Specifically: his sausage recipe is pretty good (pork and spelt; I used cracked wheat from the hippie co-op store). His recipe for a “Lucullan Dish” is also good: green onions cooked in broth with salt pork and honey.

    There’s also something called the “Apician Dish” which at first glance seems like a horrid mix of pork, fish, chicken, eggs, and whatnot — until you realize it’s basically lasagne.

    The Dover edition was translated by Joseph Vehling, a restaurateur, in the 1920s. Some of Vehling’s equivalencies and interpretations are a little dodgy in my opinion, but overall it’s a good book, and I keep it with the other cookbooks.

  5. Stacy Forsythe says:

    There are, of course, already numerous *actual* conspiracy theorist videos about the Belluminati ads, mostly following Ken and Robin’s recommendations for fictional usage — the ads are either “blown cover as cover” or subtle conditioning to accept the real Illuminati.

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