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Episode 297: Walrus Revenge

June 15th, 2018 | Robin

Do gamers like choice more than ordinary humans? We raised the question several episodes back, and now it’s all grown up into its very own Gaming Hut segment.

In the Tradecraft Hut we look at the espionage allegations leveled against the Chinese telecom giant ZTE.

Then the time comes for a brand new segment, the T-Shirt Justification Hut, in which we prepare you for the wearable terror of Walrus Revenge. Grab the shirt here!

Finally the Eliptony Hut augments its customary tinfoil hat with a bell-bottoms and platform shoes as Patreon backer Stacy Forsythe wants to know why the 70s was such a high water mark for weirdness studies.

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4 Responses to “Episode 297: Walrus Revenge”

  1. Ken R says:

    Here is the other painting that Ken mentioned during the episode:

    It’s definitely good visual inspiration as well.

    On the note of choice, I’ve noticed that most RPG systems – even fairly crunchy ones like Eclipse Phase – have really started marking the stages in character creation more clearly, so you have some idea how far through the process you are.

    This is in contrast to my memories of making 3rd Edition D&D characters, where more than one character was never finished because people didn’t want to go through equipment lists for an hour..

    They also use skill packages like the new Delta Green, so the actual number of choices is less without making characters too samey. I think it’s a clever way to avoid the moment when people freeze up at the thought of spending 800 skill points.

  2. Scott Gastineau says:

    Will someone please throw me a bone? I would like a clear definition of the term “eliptony.” I lack access to my copy of the Oxford New American Dictionary, and Wiktionary has no definition of the term at all.

  3. Randall Porter says:

    Regarding ‘Choice’ I was greatly effected by Dan Ariely’book “Predicdably Irrational”. It’s insights on human thought and decision made a lot of sense to me. Also players and making characters…I for many years worked in a retail game store and I know both of you have worked shows and might have notice this also. It seem to me that the gaming hobby has more people on the Asbergers /Autism Spectrum high functioning mind you but all the same. Anecdotally more of my gamer friends have children on the spectrum than my none gamer friends. Just something I noticed.

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