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Episode 311: Live from Gen Con 2018

September 21st, 2018 | Robin


Let’s summon the spirit of summer one last time by hearkening back to a balmy Indianapolis Friday, when Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff live from the surprising new confines of the Lucas Oil stadium at Gen Con. Come for the Nerdtrope cards, come for the incisive questions from our ever-alert audience.

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Ken’s latest roleplaying game, The Fall of Delta Green, is now available for preorder from Pelgrane Press. Journey to the head-spinning chaos of the late 1960s, back when everyone’s favorite anti-Cthulhu special ops agency hadn’t gone rogue yet, for this pulse-pounding GUMSHOE game of war, covert action, and Mythos horror.

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Just in time to save the world, though perhaps not your team of hardened covert agents, from the Mythos, the Delta Green Handlers Guide from Arc Dream Publishing is now in print and either at or headed to a game store near you. The slipcase print edition includes both the Handlers’ Guide and Agents’ Handbook, fitting snugly into your go bag along with your extra passports and list of weapons caches.

4 Responses to “Episode 311: Live from Gen Con 2018”

  1. Steve Dempsey says:

    Tolkien definitely a Catholic. We visited his church in Oxford last week when at the Inner Lives magical conference (and the Ashmolean Supernatural exhibition – if you’re out that way, check it out). Not only is the Oratory a nicely appointed church but its Lady Chapel is chock full of relics. There are bones from many saints, part of the skull of St Boniface, the hair of Mother Theresa, … Actually the current collection is mostly more recent than Tolkien, much of the earlier set, assembled by the wonderfully named Hartwell de la Garde Grissell, disappeared in (or under cover of) a fire in 1970.

  2. Steve Dempsey says:

    Also, taking over a city block by block? John Harper’s Blades in the Dark does just this for a thieves’ guild. Originally of kickstarter, it’s now from Evil Hat.

  3. Richard Fryer says:

    This looks like it could be an interesting jumping off point for King in Yellow / Trail.

    ‘the Hungarian Suicide Song’, banned by the BBC until 2002.

  4. Ken R says:

    For a drink to go with the Paris chapter of the Yellow King, I’m hard pressed to come up with something more on the nose than “The Obituary.”

    Gin, absinthe, vermouth. Stir with ice, strain, and you’re done. I’m not that big on absinthe flavor, either, but it does seem like something that art students would mix up.

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