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Episode 337: Bound by a Wussier Reptile

March 29th, 2019 | Robin

An all request episode kicks off in the Gaming Hut, where Patreon backer Michael Fox asks about picking exactly the right Mythos creature for your scenario.

Backer Jacob Boersma meets us in the Food Hut to ask what the heck might be behind a recent Dutch pistachio heist.

In Ask Ken and Robin, patron Michael Dinos seeks our help getting in Jose Luis Borges’ Library of Babel.

And in the Conspiracy Corner, backer James Griffin asks us to examine the some fanciful theorizing around the idea that Douglas MacArthur was a Japanese agent.

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    Episode 337: Bound by a Wussier Reptile « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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    Episode 337: Bound by a Wussier Reptile « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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    Episode 337: Bound by a Wussier Reptile « Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

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