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Episode 353: You Can’t Say Eliptonic Without Tonic

July 19th, 2019 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we deconstruct scenarios where the PCs have to wait for certain events to take place.

How to Write Good comes to the aid of Patreon backer Dustyn Mincey, who seeks guidance on the naming of people and places.

The Politics Hut gets drunk on codeine and loco root with a look at the connection between fringe politics and medicine shows new and old.

Then Ken’s Time Machine answers the call of backer Michael Dinos to rectify the disappointments DC Cinematic Universe.

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2 Responses to “Episode 353: You Can’t Say Eliptonic Without Tonic”

  1. Melendwyr says:

    I don’t see how Luke was an instant-Jedi. Aside from his piloting skill, which is merely an informed attribute until the very end of the movie, he’s not obviously talented or gifted. He nearly gets himself killed at the cantina and has to be rescued by Obi-Wan, and he only barely manages to deflect one blaster bolt with a lightsaber in a practice situation.

    Rey, on the other hand, begins manifesting Force skills all over the place in some blatantly contrived situations. It seems clear to me that the creators wanted to sell her hard, and frontloaded her with awesome regardless of how plausible that was in the story. Which, of course, makes her not awesome.

  2. Going Here says:

    Going Here

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