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Episode 37: Ghost-Kissed Pilsner

May 3rd, 2013 | Robin

The undertones of jet lag in Robin’s voice indicate the issuance of another Travel Advisory, in this case concerning his lovely trip to Germany’s Hannover Spielt. Beers mentioned include: Herrenhäuser Pilsener, Astra Arschkalt, Schneider Aventinus, and Robin and John’s fave, Höss Doppel-Hirsch (the name of which Robin completely mangles during the podcast.)

The trip also provides another opportunity for Ken and/or Robin To Talk To Someone Else—in this case, show sponsor John Kovalic, who discusses the design of his addictively fun party new party game, ROFL.

Ripped From the Headlines finds us grappling with the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt of the Brothers Tsarnaev. Though hardly a fun story, it touches on so many of our perennial topics that a weighing-in seems obligatory.

Then we move on to more entertaining and distant history, as, at the request of Ask Lovecraft, the Consulting Occultist tells us tales of Paschal Beverly Randolph, 19th century exponent of Mesmerism, pre-Adamism, and wholesome sex magic.

12 Responses to “Episode 37: Ghost-Kissed Pilsner”

  1. Till says:

    Das Schwarze Auge has a similar level of popularity to D&D in other countries, but I think it’s worth emphasizing that it’s a totally different kind of fantasy adventure game system. I would argue that it’s a much broader game than any edition of D&D.

    Most notably, character creation/progression is a point buy system with loads of interesting skills. DSA also has its own unique method of doing skill checks by rolling three d20s against the appropriate attributes. Very much worth checking out as “The Dark Eye” in its English translation, though all the zillions of extra books are German only.

  2. Onno says:

    There were at least two more German games offered during Hannover spielt: SpacePirates (from Germany) and NIP’AJIN (from Austria). Both are specifically aimed at pick up play, with SpacePirates being more humorous and traditional, whereas NIP’AJIN is in some way more similar to a board game: You get one adventure including the necessary rules, all in one small booklet. They are not in any way avantgarde though, thus no match for Dogs in the Vineyard or other famous Forge games.

  3. Steve Dempsey says:

    Talking of the French Rosicrucians, how about a consulting occultist about the Rosicrucian wars of the 1890’s Peladan, De Guaita, Papus, Boullan, Bois, Huysmans et al.

  4. David says:

    As a Bostonian, found the Ripped from the Headlines discussion fascinating. Also, bonus black humor points to Ken for the phrase “salutary example that people can be taught.”

    A less direct result of this specific episode, but something that has bubbled up over several episodes in short succession, is the following question. Given the much discussed and debated influence of violence in the media, the inherent value systems in combat-centric roleplaying games as discussed across several “evil orc” episodes, and the centrality of violence in videogames both as a design choice with world-view consequences and a failure of genre emulation… when are you gentlemen leading the GUMSHOE-based video game revolution? Ashen Stars and Trail of Cthulhu need computer games, yesterday.

    Please note: I do not yet write good.

  5. Tim Daly says:

    Glad to hear Robin has finally been initiated to the joys of quality beer. 🙂

  6. Mike Jamison says:

    Question for Ken:

    I acknowledge that this is solicitation of scapegoating in the classical “Leviticus 16” sense of the word, but is Ken willing to read and comment upon Brown’s soon-to-be-released Inferno?

    I understand the ominous nature of my proposal. There is no shame in declining.

  7. Kim Yushin says:

    Speaking of beer, what does Ken think about South Korea’s best selling beer?

    • Kenneth Hite says:

      It’s a perfectly drinkable mass-market lager, of the sort one finds in nations with a subtropical climate. Like Illinois.

      Obviously, the name is a big selling point, too.

  8. Jon says:

    Being a swede I was curious over the casual reference to Gothcon, sweden’s largest and longest running games convention. When was you there? And is there somewhere a podcast or text about that experience?

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