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Episode 378: Killer Puppies

January 17th, 2020 | Robin

With a wave of his chainsaw hand, Patreon backer Walter Manbeck summons us to the Gaming Hut for tips on running comedy horror games.

Inspired by a recent New York Times Magazine piece, the Tradecraft Hut examines the implications of the OSS’ impact on graphic and industrial design.

Patreon backer Marc Kevin Hall asks us into the Cinema Hut for the 101 on the absurdist retro delights of Winnepeg filmmaker Guy Maddin.

Finally the gray and Nordic aliens listen intently in the Eliptony Hut as we talk about Trevor James Constable and his sky amoeba theory of UFO origins.

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3 Responses to “Episode 378: Killer Puppies”

  1. Marc Kevin Hall says:

    Thank you for giving us the 101 on Maddin. I’ve only seen a couple of his films — and started with “Gimli Hospital”, which I see now was perhaps not the best idea — but there was something about his aesthetic that spoke to me. (It is entirely possible that I should not have listened to it when it spoke, but that ship has sailed.)


  2. blog says:

    What’s up to every single one, it’s genuinely a good for me to go to see this web page, it includes useful Information.

  3. Ken R says:

    An interesting thing about amoebas (real ones) is that they’re very similar to immune cells in humans and other complex multicellular organisms. After all, amoebas and immune cells work basically the same way – find a threat/food, envelop it, and digest it.

    Working with that idea, the sky amoebas might be some kind of immune system for the Earth. That’s well and good until someone starts teaching them that aircraft or people are invasive material..

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