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Episode 389: The Owl Costume Never Pulled

April 3rd, 2020 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we spitball ideas for GUMSHOE One-2-One scenarios enterprising listeners might turn into self-published PDF products under the auspices of its Creative Commons license.

We enter the History Hut to find rocker Frank Black prompting beloved Patreon backer to ask us about the Llano del Rio commune of the 1910s.

The Cinema Hut gathers up its leopard and evening attire for a screwball comedy 101 segment.

Then esteemed Patreon backer Shinanoki summons us to the Eliptony Hut to delve into the esoteric mysteries of the Takenouchi Documents.

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4 Responses to “Episode 389: The Owl Costume Never Pulled”

  1. Actual quote while listening to the GUMSHOE One2One segment:


    (Thank you both, and the lovely folks at Pelgrane Press for not only making GUMSHOE Creative Commons licensed but also for your amazing support of the community.)

  2. Chris Kalley says:

    Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding of the term ‘Screwball Comedy’. I need to relisten to the segment and get a movie list, I’ve seen some of them in my youth, but not in many decades. And as you said, we can use some funny.

  3. Adrian Cable says:

    Unfortunately, I am a law student, so I don’t have the time to sit-down and come up with a one-to-one scenario, but I did come up with a few ideas that perhaps someone else can run with.
    1) Knights Black Agent is already Jason Bourne versus vampires, drop the vampires and just run a 1:1 as high-action counter-conspiracy.
    2) Similarly, all the various flavors of James Bond are essentially solo spy scenarios.
    3) Street-level superhero a la the Marvel Netflix shows ie Jessica Jone, Luke Cage
    4) Reminder, Batman is the “World’s Greatest Detective”
    5) And Superman (and Wonder Woman) operated mostly alone, or had to defeat the insidious plot and save the loved one at the same time.
    6) Its a one-shot, but DOA-style “who killed me?”
    7) Amnesiac mystery of “who am I?”
    8) Castaway/Robinson Crusoe solve the mystery of how to get off the island.
    9) Bubblegumshoe 1:1! Nancy Drew obviously, or you could Scooby Do is; the other members of the gang are hinderances that Velma must overcome.
    10) file the serial numbers off for a Miss Marple English cozy mystery.
    11) Banachek/Johnny Dollar insurance investigators
    12) Blackstone the consulting magician detective
    Okay maybe I have gotten carried away.
    PS Robin is right. Detective Dee would make a great set of scenarios.

  4. Chris Nolen says:

    I think Cthulhu Confidential’s Vivian Sinclair works as a screwball protagonist as-written.

    You can also nerd-trope The Thin Man premise by listening to the “Beyond Belief” segments of The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast.

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