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Episode 401: Chorus Cubed

June 26th, 2020 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut, Ken introduces us to the meta-textual, meme-filled wonderland that is his Fall of Delta Green player group.

The Crime Blotter visits the wild mobbed-up years when Montreal Quebec was the  Vegas of the north.

In How To Write Good a question from beloved Patreon backer Daniel Gill prompts a look at present tense and other contemporary literary devices in fantasy fiction.

Finally Ken’s Time Machine attempts a difficult bank shot. Time Inc. has always wanted to prevent the Robert Kennedy assassination. But how to do it without, as detailed in this Smithsonian piece by Kevin Sandler, erasing Scooby Doo from the timeline?

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2 Responses to “Episode 401: Chorus Cubed”

  1. Doug Sundseth says:

    While I have no doubt that you’ve gotten complaints about a first-person style, I haven’t seen that as a general complaint in fantasy. All you have to do is look at Glen Cook’s Garrett, PI and Black Company series, Steve Brust’s Jhereg series, Robert Zelazny’s Amber series, Jim Butcher’s Dresden series, …, all of which have sold very well indeed, have been well reviewed, and have been hugely influential in the genre.

    Any complaint about first person being out of the norm in the genre would be either naive or a proxy for some other complaint. Not that either naivety or disingenuity (or disingenuousness; both words are used) are especially rare, of course.


    “It would just be ‘plont’, as in Jacques Plante, the hockey player.”

    The only way that could have been more Canadian would have been if Robin had first apologized for correcting Ken. 😎

  2. Andrew Jones says:

    Oliver Dickenson’s Griselda stories for White Dwarf did much to populise Glorantha in the UK.

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