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Episode 405: It Would Totally Match Her Raven

July 24th, 2020 | Robin

Robin has coined yet another new term and so naturally we must enter the Gaming Hut to talk about table sense.

The T-Shirt Justification Hut wrings a segment out of our latest foray into feline-themed casual wear, Excuse Me While I Nap This Out.

The Culture Hut returns to the Belle Epoque era of The Yellow King Roleplaying Game to profile American dancer, lighting design pioneer and amateur astronomer, Loie Fuller.

Finally, Ken’s Time Machine rescues Houdini to find out what would have happened to his mooted nonfiction project with H. P. Lovecraft, The Cancer of Superstition.

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One Response to “Episode 405: It Would Totally Match Her Raven”

  1. Just listened to the segment on napping. Really appreciate the advice in there about napping and creativity. I think too often we think that we’re just going to be able to just plug away at whatever creative task we’re working on with the same energy throughout. Looking forward to sharing this segment with other creative folks.

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