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Episode 406: The Mystical Land of Hat

July 31st, 2020 | Robin

Beloved Patreon backer Manfred convenes us in a camouflage-covered Gaming Hut to ask how to run Fall of Delta Green agents through the Vietnam War. Complicating factor: his players are ex-military; Manfred is not.

Esteemed Patreon backer Dan O’Hanlon unfurls the Crime Blotter for a briefing on Toronto’s tow truck wars.

In How to Write Good, we wonder which words are too laden with earthbound cultural reference to use in texts concerning other worlds.

Finally astute Patreon backer Rolfe Bergstrom attaches a telescope to the Eliptony Hut so we can look at that most anomalous of asteroids, ‘Oumuamua.

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2 Responses to “Episode 406: The Mystical Land of Hat”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    Another case of modern English vocabulary that seems out of place in a period game: I have been running a solo Greek myth game for my wife using BESM for many years. Her character has become involved in the Trojan War, and had an epic showdown with Achilles. BESM has an Achilles’ Heel defect, but I decided that not only did it sound weird putting that phrase on his stat block (even if I was the only one who would ever see it), it also didn’t model his almost-total invulnerability as well as I liked.

  2. The more you know the harder it is to maintain suspension of disbelief in created worlds.

    This is probably true in all fields but you can’t get any discussion going without words.

    And for me the hardest problem is the problem of names. I found myself falling out of a fantasy series I enjoyed greatly because in a world with a pagan pantheon there were people with names like Michael, Timothy or (Gawdelpus!) Christopher.

    And since we are not all Prof Tolkien or Prof M.A.R. Barker it’s a problem for role-playing games as well. The best solution I’ve seen is what Jonathan Tweet did with EVERWAY: give characters names that mean something. Fortitude Elephant*, Potbearer, Salamander, Flameskin. Since those words themselves have derivations it probably just pushes the problem back a step but at least I don’t have to make up a ConLang to run a simple game.

    * Fortitude Elephant is a scion of the rich, land-holding Elephant family. Unless she’s a scion of the poor but notably martial Fortitude family. I forget which.

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