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Episode 422: Sumerian GM Screens

November 20th, 2020 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we look at narrative coherence and whether GMs should enforce it by trying to make all introduced story elements pay off.

Something sufficiently definitive has happened that we are willing to risk the wrath of our ten day lead time and reopen the dusty Politics Hut to chew over the results of the US election.

Speaking of which, I guess it’s finally time to duck into Conspiracy Corner and talk about QAnon.

Finally, the Consulting Occultist for the first time trains his eye on a subject who is both a paranormalist and an RPG designer, James “Herbie” Brennan.

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14 Responses to “Episode 422: Sumerian GM Screens”

  1. Dylan Craig says:

    Hearing Hite cheer for Republican gains in the Politics Hut is such a goddamn bummer. I understand that being Republican is his brand, or whatever, but can we get the goddamn thief-in-chief to concede before you cheer for the people who put him there?

    • Ray Dunn says:

      Oh, nosies! Ken had an opinion you don’t like! Burn everything!

      Oh, wait, this isn’t Portland…

      It is why, however, that this should be a current-politics-free zone. Because just as the anti-trumpers don’t want to listen to Ken have any opinion they dislike, anti-leftists who have been quietly enduring Robin’s sneering Trump Derangment Syndrome hot takes for the last four years are pretty sick of it, too.

    • Ben C. says:

      Seconding this. I had to turn off the podcast this week. I’ll check back next week and hopefully Ken isn’t indulging in tone deaf hot takes by then. I generally like him, but for the absolute life of me I can’t understand why he’s a Republican at this point.

      When your party’s directly responsible for 250,000 dead Americans and another 8+ million homeless, you might want to reconsider your affiliations with it.

      At a bare minimum, maybe reconsider cheering them on when they retain the means of cheating (especially after they spent all year trying really, really hard to blatantly to steal an election).

    • HH says:

      I’ll be honest, as soon as the praise of the Republican held house and senate came up I stopped the podcast. I’m done. I’ve been a long time listener. Like, really long time seriously at least 4 years. The Republican party has made it pretty clear they are against the LGBTQ+ community in every way possible, and cheering them on just strikes me as the actions of someone who I just would not get along with. No matter the reasoning behind it, it’s super alienating. And gets more absurdist after the recent thing about “how to work with each other and have differing political opinions” segment.

      Problem is, one party at least has the pretense of viewing my community as people. The other, repeatedly, does not, and using your platform in support of that party is pretty telling. So bye guys, not buying the works anymore, and unsubscribing. I hope you look on this and at least consider being better than this.

    • Phil Masters says:

      I think that recording an opinion a mere few days after the election was a mistake. Though that’s not entirely K&R’s fault; usually by then things have settled out, and you’re not setting yourself up for embarrassment when the podcast drops ten days later. Unfortunately, that didn’t work this time.

      I had the impression that Ken had largely stepped back from the Republicans after they nominated Trump and then he got elected, but I can understand a lifelong Republican feeling happy when Trump loses and a lot of other Republicans win; it must look like a golden opportunity to reclaim the party from the nutters. And honestly, a sane Republican party would be better for the world than a Cult of Trump. But sadly, not only has Trump (rather predictably) refused to concede defeat, but most of those successful Republicans are, at the time of typing, enabling him.

      Which suggests that the Republican Party in government now consists of either actual Trumpites or abject moral cowards. Which I’d like to think Ken finds depressing, but…

  2. Tim Coram says:

    I have cancelled my subscription as well.

  3. Doug Sundseth says:

    Leaving aside the Jacobin whinging and concomitant threats whenever they are exposed to any opinion that doesn’t precisely match their own, I have entirely stopped engaging with pollsters. Push polls are a thing. Using the “results” of polls to trumpet misleading “wins” for whatever side paid for the poll is a thing and it’s used for (at least notional) tactical advantage. And I’m something of a fan of secret ballots.

    So these days, when a pollster calls I first ask who is paying for the poll. When they (inevitably) respond with either “I don’t know” or “I can’t give you that information”, my response is, “If you won’t answer my questions, I’m certainly not going to answer yours.” I don’t think this generally cynical attitude is all that uncommon. Nor do I think it unjustified (but then I suppose I wouldn’t).

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