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Episode 442: Mad at Unicorns

April 23rd, 2021 | Robin

Bravely we enter the Gaming Hut, at the behest of beloved Patreon backer Scott Wachter, to roast the cockatrice and other weaksauce monsters.

The History Hut runs aground as estimable Patreon backer Stephen Dosman asks how the Yellow Fleet, marooned in the Suez Canal after the Six Day War, might fit into a Fall of DELTA GREEN scenario.

With its 17th installment, our Cinema Hut horror essentials series reaches its inevitable conclusion, as we bring our list of top fright flicks up to the present.

Finally the Consulting Occultist again shows you his picture collection as an erudite but anonymous Patreon backer asks for the lowdown on Art Nouveau illustrator and occult theorist Austin Osman Spare.

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2 Responses to “Episode 442: Mad at Unicorns”

  1. Phil Masters says:

    FLYING, ACID-DRIPPING lawful good horseshoe crab. That is disabled when flipped over, Robin. The F20 lore is clear.

  2. Tim Emrick says:

    Not all unicorns are good and virtuous.

    There is a low-level Starfinder adventure where a half-mad, very territorial unicorn poses the greatest physical threat of the scenario. It’s possible to resolve the encounter peacefully, but extremely difficult. It really just wants to be left alone, and will try to blow up trespassers with the rocket launcher mounted on its horn. It’s a bit silly, yes, but great fun to see the players’ shocked reactions. Nobody ever forgets *that* encounter.

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