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Episode 445: The Cavern of Boring

May 14th, 2021 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we provide tips enabling you to convince your fellow players to go along with your plans.

Beloved Patreon backer Jurie Horneman asks us to convene a Book Hut to talk about Robert Anton Wilson.

In Ask Ken and Robin, estimable Patreon backer Gabriel Rossman looks for a fictionalized treatment of the Bronfman family’s various brushes with cults and mysticism.

Finally we duck into the Conspiracy Corner and down the rabbit hole of the NESARA theory.

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3 Responses to “Episode 445: The Cavern of Boring”

  1. Thank you very much for the kind words about Transgressive Horror!

    Link is here for the interested:

  2. Gosh! I never knew that Canada had Prohibition. I mean it’s obvious now I think of it that the crazy wouldn’t stop entirely at the border. But I’m afraid that it has shattered my naive reverence for the common sense of those who dwell under the maple leaf flag has been forever shattered.

  3. Tim Emrick says:

    The paraglider leitmotif of the first segment reminded me of Benny the astronaut from The LEGO Movie. He really just wants to build and fly a spaceship, but he keeps getting shot down when he suggests it. Eventually, the gang needs him to build a spaceship as part of the master plan that actually uses everyone’s talents.

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