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Episode 448: Mice and Diamonds

June 4th, 2021 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we spitball scenarios that take place over a period of many years.

Fun With Science answers the call from beloved Patreon backer bt to examine Freudian psychologist Charles Seligman’s project to gather dreams from the many peoples occupied by the British Empire.

Good thing we just had a new bar installed in the Food Hut, because it’s time to tell the story of how 19th  century America invented cocktail culture as we know it.

Finally estimable Patreon backer Neil Barnes wonders why Ken’s Time Machine had to be used to neutralize the OTRAG project to launch cheaper satellite rockets from then-Zaire in the 1970s.

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3 Responses to “Episode 448: Mice and Diamonds”

  1. Gene Ha says:

    KARTAS briefly stated “Holland Gin… seems to have died out entirely” which is NOT true.* Genever, the Dutch liquor that inspired British gins, survives and is even making a comeback! And thank God the Dutch have genever, because their beers are awful.…/what-is-genever-jenever…/

    *I’m guessing Ken knows way more about Genever than me, but you guys were rushing through a lot of gin variants.

  2. The idea that women have sexual fantasies about their fathers is called the Electra Complex – the Oedipus Complex deals with the imagined male desire to sexually possess their mothers.

    Both ideas are completely wrong, but for different reasons. The Electra Complex was invented to explain away reports of sexual abuse, as you two noted, while the Oedipus Complex originated in Freud’s need to normalize his own reported sexual reactions to his mother. Like many other children of his time and location, he had a wet nurse and his mother wasn’t a primary caregiver. The Westermarck Effect, which induces people to reject as potential sexual partners either anyone around them in infancy and toddlerhood, or infants and toddlers, had not yet been discovered. So Freud (and other men of his SEC) lacked the biochemical locking-out most humans experience; the overwhelming majority of men not only lack sexual feelings for their mothers but find the idea repellent. Rather than investigate the phenomenon, Freud chose to define his own state as a human universal and assert that men who claimed to feel differently were lying or in denial.

  3. Remusclaw (Cody) says:

    Hi Ken and Robin. I am in the the midst of watching a french pseudo Documentary about early silent film director, and innovator of special effects, Georges Méliès. It son Prime and its called “Fury of the Demon”
    Its basically a documentary about him, and spiritualism of the era, but framed as a mystery around a fake film named the same as the documentary that apparantly shows up occasionally and drives crowds mad like its the Yellow King or the first recital of the Rite of Spring.
    Anyway, it struck me as being very in the wheelhouse of the sort of thing you all might be interested in for various and sundry rpg uses, so I decided to end my near total self imposed blackout on commenting online.
    Enjoy, and thanks for the podcast, its always a joy.

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