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Episode 450: LIGHTNING ROUND!!!

June 18th, 2021 | Robin

Just when time had lost all meaning, the ineffable power of numbers tells us that we’ve hit Episode 450. Seasoned investigators know what that means: our beloved Patreon backers pose them, and we blast them with electric force. It’s time for celebratory Qs and exultant As! It’s time for… LIGHTNING ROUND!!!

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One Response to “Episode 450: LIGHTNING ROUND!!!”

  1. Doug Sundseth says:

    Pirates or ninjas? Depends on the latitude and time of year.

    As is well known, pirates wore poofy white shirts, which are light and protect well from UV, so definitely pirates in summer in warm latitudes.

    OTOH, Ninjas dress all in black and cover nearly every bit of skin. Black and covered completely in the summer is right out, but very useful in higher latitude winters, especially in forests.

    It’s not clear whether either group exhibits migration behavior, but presumably there are latitudinal restrictions on range. Further, Europe seems to be lighter on ninjas than would be expected by the climate, so we must assume either that they have been extirpated in their typical range or that European ninjas are just that much better than the rest, and they’re actually all over Europe but are masters of concealment.

    To that last point, has anyone ever seen an EU bureaucrat in the same room with a ninja?

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