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Episode 485: What I Might Have Done in the Future

February 25th, 2022 | Robin

Beloved Patreon backer Walter Manbeck chases a bad guy we thought we vanquished into the Gaming Hut, asking us how to keep recurring villains scary after the group has teamed up to defeat them.

At the best of well-rounded backer Robert Wolfe, the Architecture Hut goes Dymaxionic with a look at Buckminster Fuller.

Night’s Black Agents has bats, rats, and wolves. Trail of Cthulhu has cephalopods, rats, and hounds. In the Horror Hut, we select creepity animals to associate with The Yellow King Roleplaying Game.

We wrap up in the Tradecraft Hut, where we tear open the archives and reveal the stay-behind secrets of Operation Gladio.

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3 Responses to “Episode 485: What I Might Have Done in the Future”

  1. Dan Butler says:

    Hi Ken/Robin – in this episode you mention a campaign with Mecha-Stalin and his cold star heart, which I thought was fascinating. How about a new, occasional hut, in which you discuss past campaigns you’ve run or played in and pull out gameable bits for the listeners?

  2. Dan Butler says:

    Call it the Nostalgia Hut, or the Recap Hut.

  3. Eukie says:

    The Norwegian Stay Behind network was subject to a very extensive government investigation into the Norwegian secret services in the early 90s. The name of the Norwegian operation was simply ‘Stay Behind’, though you’ll occasionally see it listed as ROC or “Rocambole”, which was the codename for one of Stay Behind’s three sub-networks. (In specific, the network of sabotage groups that were supposed to lead the guerilla operations. The two other networks were “Lindus”, a network of intelligence agents, and “Blue Mix”, a pilot search & rescue/VIP extraction system.)

    When it comes to Delta Green and stay behind operations, it’s alleged that all of the stay behind operations were coordinated through the Clandestine Planning Committee and/or the Allied Clandestine Committee. Having a Delta Green operative on the CPC/ACC would provide a convenient excuse for how DG can coordinate counter-occult operations across Europe.

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