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Episode 493: That New Cleaning Acid

April 22nd, 2022 | Robin

With the Gremlins franchise coming back, warnings are on the mind of beloved Patreon backer Bryan. He beckons us into the back room of the Gaming Hut to ask how to handle them at the roleplaying table.

In Tour de Lovecraft: the Destinations, Ken tells us what Arkham was like during the period of HPL’s stories. In the Mythos Hut, we wonder what it looks like today.

We meet estimable backer Charles Picard in the Culture Hut, to take in a production of artist Wassily Kandinsky’s synesthetic play The Yellow Sound and wonder what that might have to do with the malign monarch of the same color.

Then we don our flannels for a trip down paranoid memory lane in the Conspiracy Corner, as we look at investigative journalist Danny Casolaro, the Inslaw case, and the web of intelligence connections he called the Octopus.

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4 Responses to “Episode 493: That New Cleaning Acid”

  1. Ben Sanders says:

    This was a particularly good episode guys. Thank you.
    Is this podcast available on Spotify? I can never find it..

  2. Bruce Baugh says:

    Sometime in the next 5-10 years, William Weir is going to complete his Ph.D and perhaps postdoctoral work at the Miskatonic University aerospace engineering program and go on to build the kinda successful experimental FTL project Event Horizon. (It may be thought of as having obtained the most adversarial “yes, but” result ever.)

    Sorry you guys missed this one; glad to help fill the gap.

  3. d47 says:

    Here is one for a future Mythos Hut.
    The Osaka Expo 2025 mascot might be the servant of some elder god or the offspring of Cookie Monster and a Gibbering Mouther.
    Furthermore, it has yet to be named in human speech.

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