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Episode 497: Edgelord Tarot

May 20th, 2022 | Robin

Beloved Patreon backer Ryan McClelland kicks of an all-request episode in the Gaming Hut, seeking advice on how to convincing players to treat former adversaries as questionable allies.

In the History Hut, estimable backer Derek Hiemforth has discovered that two doomed airships, the R101 and the Hindenburg, used the exact same Duralumin, and naturally asks us who cursed it.

Then it’s time for Ripped from the Headlines, as discerning backer Matthew Preston wants to know who’s in the lead-lined sarcophagus preventative archeologists just found buried under Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Finally, the Consulting Occultist tells curious backer Aaron Sapp, and by extension you, about his collection of Tarot card decks.

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2 Responses to “Episode 497: Edgelord Tarot”

  1. Tim Emrick says:

    MythBusters did an episode testing a couple of the theories about the Hindenberg disaster. Regardless of whether you agree with their conclusions, seeing a 10-foot (or so) scale model zeppelin engulfed in flames is an unforgettable sight.

  2. Tim Emrick says:

    My wife and I only have 7 Tarot decks in our collection. One is the classic Rider-Waite. We also have Robin Wood’s deck (which is mostly Rider-Waite imagery redrawn in her style), Stephanie Pui-Min Law’s Shadowscapes Tarot (which is probably the prettiest deck I’ve ever seen), and the Pathfinder Harrow deck (which, like the Ravenloft Tarokka deck, is that game’s in-world equivalent to the Tarot).

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