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Episode 511: I Just Wanted to Say Astrosome

August 26th, 2022 | Robin

Foul sorcerers flee the Gaming Hut as beloved Patreon backer Jesse Lowe asks for the best Earth-based setting for swords and sorcery—the Hellenistic Era excepted, of course.

In Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, designer Gwen Marshall joins Ken to discuss the thinking behind such acclaimed projects as the ENnie-winning Ancestry & Culture and S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying.

The Monster Hut gets philosophical for a look at egregores in mythology and gaming.

Finally the Consulting Occultist lets love into his heart for a profile of songwriter, polemicist and free love priestess Edith Maida Lessing.

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Our Patreon-backed Letterboxd list of all films mentioned on the show is now up and running.

Also check out the Goodreads list of books mentioned on the show.

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One Response to “Episode 511: I Just Wanted to Say Astrosome”

  1. Doug Sundseth says:

    Rather than Gibbon, I’d recommend John Julius Norwich’s histories of the Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Empire. The three-volume history is excellent, but he has a very good one-volume version as well.

    Another decent choice would be the the period of Swedish rule in Novgorod/Kiev: Viking successors as the plucky new civilizing element, the Byzantines to the south as the declining and decadent old empire, and a variety of Slavs and steppe nomads as the barbarians at the walls.

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