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Episode 522: Pre-Rex

November 11th, 2022 | Robin

As noted wearers of colorful shirts, we are uniquely qualified to enter a Hawaiian edition of the Gaming Hut. There we respond to the call of beloved Patreon backer Kristian Groenseth, who wants to us to fit Magnum P.I. into Trail of Cthulhu.

In Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else, Ken talks with J-M and Trish deFoggi about projects incluuuuding 13th Age books and their Dark Owl publishing company.

With the remarkably preserved fossil of the nodosaur Borealopelta back in the news, estimable backer Ross Ireland wants to know whether it heralds a resurgence of Yig worship, or a plain old ordinary return of the dinosaurs. Fun With Science is here to help.

And finally Ken’s Time Machine goes to 1675, a year of war in Europe, and we find out which conflict our vaunted chrono-protagonist wishes to intervene in.

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One Response to “Episode 522: Pre-Rex”

  1. Tom Vallejos says:

    I watched Magnum, PI back in the ‘80s. The series is available on Freevee. Incidentally, in season 3 episode 6 when Magnum wakes up one morning and finds himself in 1936 where he has to solve a murder. 1930s versions of his friends are there as well. TC who is Black, did not know Magnum in this episode. He worked at the local airport in maintenance, but he did know how to fly an airplane.

    If I was going GM this, I would make Magnum and Rick Marines who served together in WWI or in Nicaragua, Haiti, or China. If TC is to remain Black, the characters would have to deal with racial discrimination. Or just simply ignore it. It will be easier to have the characters know each other before the game begins. In this case, TC could be a former Marine pilot that served with them during the post-WWI period. I’ve been reading up on the history of Marine Aviation through 1934. Marine Aviation units in Haiti were quite small in the number of mostly rickety airplanes of the era.

    Magnum’s narration could be used as a special ability to change the odds against him. Doesn’t always work. The season 7 finale was originally going to be the end of the series because he died of his wounds from a gunfight. But the ratings had revived enough that CBS asked him to come back to within an additional 14 episodes to resolve issues.

    Also, Angela Lansbury played Jessica Fletcher in a crossover episode that is resolved on her show.

    Robin was voiced by Orson Welles before his death. As Magnum described him as looking like Truman Capote but sounding like Welles.

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