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Episode 533: Best Non-Answer of the 19th Century

February 3rd, 2023 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we look at what characters should do more often in horror: run!

At the behest of beloved Patreon backer Eric Saltwell, the Word Hut seeks the real truth behind Unicode ghost kanji.

In part two of our Cinema Hut Science Fiction Essentials series, we finally get to some actual movies, the precursors (and one classic) of the silent era.

Finally Ken’s Time Machine fuels itself on some high-octane introductory exposition as fiendishly clever backer Philip Masters asks our. chrononaut to come up with a fresh answer to the Schleswig-Holstein Question.

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Our Patreon-backed Letterboxd list of all films mentioned on the show is now up and running.

Also check out the Goodreads list of books mentioned on the show.

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2 Responses to “Episode 533: Best Non-Answer of the 19th Century”

  1. Melendwyr says:

    I’m a bit concerned that Star Wars is going to be treated as science fiction. It isn’t. Giving a fantasy a technological backdrop doesn’t make it science fiction, no more than cowboy hats and six-shooters make something a Western.

  2. Melendwyr says:

    Also, I don’t recall either of you mentioning the film known as “Final Prayer” or “The Borderlands”. You might appreciate it – it shows what the ‘found footage’ genre is capable of.

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