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Episode 576: Pantheon Hop

December 1st, 2023 | Robin

In the Gaming Hut we ask ourselves whether designers should include optional rules they don’t actually recommend using.

The History Hut takes on the smell of rocket fuel as beloved backer Fred Kiesche asks for the real made-up story behind the US anti-satellite weapons of Program 437.

Estimable backer Shane Cubis bids us to the Culture Hut to profile Peggy Guggenheim, peripatetic collector, dealer and patron of the surrealist and abstract expressionist movements.

At the behest of applaudable backer Ben Brighoff, the Eliptony Hut looks at the Sullivanians, the Upper West Side movement that for decades twisted psychotherapy into a vehicle for abusive cult control.

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Ho ho ho, festive friends, it’s once again time to celebrate the holidays and noncompliant behavior with Weird Little Elf, the fast and easy stocking stuffer game from our garland-festooned pals at Atlas Games.

Reality horror just got realer with three new support products for The Yellow King Roleplaying Game: Black Star Magic, Legions of Carcosa: The Yellow King Bestiary, and Robin’s latest novel, Fifth Imperative.

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Put on your flannels, grab your duffel bag of hardware and assemble your fake passports. Alert your retailer to the contents of their favorite unmarked warehouse. Delta Green: The Conspiracy, the revised, updated and declassified edition of the iconic 1990s sourcebook has escaped from Arc Dream Publishing.

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