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Ken and Robin Consume Media: Loki, The Killer, and Telephonic Time Travel

November 14th, 2023 | Robin

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Gaslit (Television, US, Robbie Pickering, 2022) Backwash from the Watergate break-in engulfs the lives of pill-popping grande dame Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts), her attorney general husband John Mitchell (Sean Penn), aspiring flunky John Dean (Dan Stevens), and extremist nutball black bagger G. Gordon Liddy (Shea Whigham.) Wry retelling of America’s most entertaining mega-scandal captures its mix of absurdity and danger.—RDL

The Killer (Film. US, David Fincher, 2023) Nondescript assassin (Michael Fassbender) reminds himself of his dedication to icy indifference as he pursues his pursuers after a hit gone wrong. Beige, ultra-controlled fable of perfectionism under threat is Fincher’s most personal film to date.—RDL

Loki Season 2 (Television, US, Disney+, Eric Martin, 2023) Loki and his TVA pals struggle to prevent a time explosion that threatens to destroy the multiverse. Although the characters spend the season tackling a single obstacle, in a budget-conscious season mostly occurring on existing sets, the excitingly executed and genuinely conclusive ending justifies much.—RDL

Mad God (Film, US, Phil Tippett, 2021) A soldier undertakes a mission in a post-industrial hell of production, consumption, and destruction. Stop motion predominates in a mixed media animated journey through a goopy, repellent landscape invoking Giger and Bosch. —RDL

Mark Antony (Film, India, Adhik Ravichandran, 2023) Honest mechanic (Vishal) uses a phone that can make calls to the past to discover the truth about his hated gangster father and his ex-partner (S. J. Suryah), now our hero’s surrogate dad. Energetic action comedy science fiction musical features both leads in dual roles, and also a snake howitzer.—RDL


Secrets in the Hot Spring (Film, Taiwan, Kuan-Hui Lin, 2018) With a pair of unwelcome classmates in tow, a punch-happy high schooler visits his grandparents at their tourist hotel, finding it not only run down but also haunted. If you want to see what a Chinese ghost comedy looks like these days, here you go.—RDL

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