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Episode 359: Stith Thompson Entries All Over It

August 30th, 2019 | Robin

The Gaming Hut shows up with its usual punctuality as Patreon backer Ken Ringwald asks to hear about time as a resource in RPGs.


It’s dark out. He has a full tank of gas. He’s wearing sunglasses. Patreon backer Chris Camfield drives his 1974 Ford Monaco sedan to Ask Ken and Robin about the occult significance of the Blues Brothers. And yes, Ken knows it was Martinez de Pasqually who sojourned in Saint-Domingue, not the other founder of Martinism, Saint-Martin. This was a test of your gnosis.


In Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, we chat with collector and industry stalwart Jim Kitchen about the Gen Con auction.


Finally Patreon backer embarks on an unknowing follow-up to last week’s live episode by asking how Ken’s Time Machine might preserve Habsburg rule in Spain.


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