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Episode 305: I Put My Whole Head In and I am Fine

August 10th, 2018 | Robin


Once more we’re in the same room together with an episode recorded in our hotel the day before Gen Con. Hmm, what easy topics shall we tackle?

Does the game system you’re playing expect you to generate a plot hook for your character? We’re waiting in the Gaming Hut with tips and advice.

The Tradecraft Hut keeps insisting we keep it topical, so what choice do we have but to cover the Maria Butila story?

In the Food Hut, we journey to Food Valhalla, where dwell the favorite meals we will never again eat in the mortal realm.

Speaking of topics we can’t not address, we close in the gridded-off confines of the Archaeology Hut, where we ponder that giant sarcophagus everyone has been talking about.

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