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Episode 118: There’s Nothing In It For Owls

December 5th, 2014 | Robin

In Ask Ken and Robin, Jeff Jones seeks advice on running an anti-Nazi campaign set in 30s America. We oblige in both pulp and occult genre modes.

Become conscious of an enticing aroma in the Gaming Hut as we look at creature senses.

The Consulting Occultist continues his Parisian sojourn with an examination of uxurious bookseller Nicolas Flamel, to whom later rumor and Harry Potter imputed alchemical mastery.

That segment draws inspiration from our Dreamhounds of Paris book, which also takes us into the Culture Hut to meet Marcel Duchamp, chess-playing wit and inventor of the avant garde as we know it.

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Ken’s Dracula Dossier Kickstarter crawled back into its crypt this Wednesday. But you can defy the line between death and undeath by heading to this secret mountain redoubt, where all the deals from the campaign remain available for a limited time.

3 Responses to “Episode 118: There’s Nothing In It For Owls”

  1. Chris Miles says:

    This podcast gets better and better.
    Dreamhounds has me “getting some culture” and I am sure that I am not alone.
    One of my local galleries (Tate Liverpool) is holding a Leonora Carrington exhibition in 2015 and this is the first gallery I searched.
    Great stuff.

  2. GB Steve says:

    Etant DonnĂ©s is in the Philadelphi Museum of Art, the one in the Rocky montage. It’s well worth seeing for a range of surrealist and other art.

  3. Alexander Newcombe says:

    For a future Ask Ken and Robin:

    I just learned the story of Henry Hudson’s ill-fated exploration of what is now Hudson’s Bay and I thought it would be a good candidate for KARTAS elliptany. My question is, what was he really looking for while he was pretending to look for a Northwest Passage? And what really happened to the captain after the mutiny on the Discovery?

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